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Official welcome Erasmus Party 2nd semester, Friday 19th, Shamrock Inn

Official welcome Erasmus Party 2nd semester, Friday 19th, Shamrock Inn



After the incredible success of last years, the most exciting and vibrant Friday night dedicated to the Erasmus and university students of Torino, is back!!!

Shamrock Inn and Turin International Party are glad to invite you to the opening party of craziest night of the city: " The Erasmus RePUBlic" , in one of the most famous discopubs of downtown.

This week we give the welcome to the new incomers for the second semester in Torino!!!

The fundamental rules of Erasmus RePUBlic are simple:

1) Get to know as many people as possible and dance all night long.
2) Drink: we have incredible discounts for international and university students.
3) What happen at Erasmus RePUBlic stays at Erasmus RePUBlic.
4) Kisses and entry, guaranteed and free.

Save the date:
FRIDAY February 19th

Not to be missed!!!

Special prices for International Students ONLY upstairs on the dancing room:
3 longdrinks 10€
3 beers S.Miguel 10€
1 liter of cocktail 10€
1 shot 1€

Dj Becca in consolle

Free entrance

Start 10:00 pm

Shamrock Inn, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 34

For free reservation tables write to us at: Whatsapp Alessandro +393209220418 - Fabio +393297894555

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