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Oh! Calcutta! + Lora live!

Oh! Calcutta! + Lora live!



Oh! Calcutta! [NL] + Lora live
Ingresso riservato soci Arci


Oh! Calcutta! Is two guitars, bass and drums. It's post rock, noise.
It features arpeggios, distortion, improvisation and it's the project in which four jazz musicians go back to their roots, playing the music initially inspired them to pick up an instrument and to start playing.
Four eclectic players from different countries met in the the jazz department of the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. Spending a lot of time listening to music and living life together is something can strongly contribute to shape the sound a band: as soon as they started playing together there was a natural mutual vision on how the music should sound.
Oh! Calcutta!'s early modus operandi consisted of creating new tunes out of group jams at the rehearsal. The band roughly recorded several impro takes and started out saving the good ideas happening, trying to shape them into a tune the could play again, and they could include in their setlist.
After months a tune from each member's pen was rehearsed, and a killer songlist was ready to be performed live and recorded in a studio. The results can grab the ears of different kind of listeners, because of the strong emotional component and of the multiple influences from different genres.
Tristan Renfrow (USA) and Valdimar Olgeirsson (Iceland) are in the rhythm section, and they team on songs' epic crescendos on which Dario Trapani (Italy) and Pedro Branco (Portugal) blend their guitar sounds with tons of reverbed arpeggios, feedbacks and loud fuzz.
It's dynamic, intense and epic.
“a lot of distorted guitars and a lot of love.“



I LORA si formano nella periferia Torinese, nel 2013.
Dopo vari cambi di componenti, arrivano alla formazione attuale e definitiva.
I LORA sono Marco, Antonio, Ivan e Andrea.


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