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LIVE: Reverend Backflash + Hollywood Killerz at Cafè Liber, Torino (IT)

LIVE: Reverend Backflash + Hollywood Killerz at Cafè Liber, Torino (IT)




REVEREND BACKFLASH have just released their brand new 7inch EP titled " HOLY SHIT" on Burnside Records on 13th of january 2016!
It' contains 4 rock n roll-tracks with Punk, Power-Pop and Country influence performed with lots of guitars and hammond-organ, lyrics about love, life & drugs! Now they are coming to your town to bring you everything from asskicking r'n'r-hymns to catchy power-pop-songs! REVEREND BACKFLASH is the perfect soundtrack for getting heavily wasted and party until dawn.


Hollywood Killerz is a monochrome punk band from Torino, Italy.
Two years after “Dead On Arrival”, they are back with new album “Still Intoxicated”, 12 tracks of blistering punk rock.
The first 7” single “Trash Me” contains a previously unreleased b-side featuring Kevin Preston from Prima Donna on guest vocals.
“Still Intoxicated” is not claiming to be the ultimate original album, but one that will appeal to all the disciples of “three chords and the truth”, those who don’t care about fashion and trends and miss bands such as Heartbreakers, Demolition23 and D-Generation.
If you want pure loud street punk, you got it.

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Quando: Giovedì 17-03-2016 alle 20:00

Dove: Café Liber Arci Club

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