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Dj W!LD_LOUD CLUB_GIOVEDì 3 MARZO 2016_free entry

Dj W!LD_LOUD CLUB_GIOVEDì 3 MARZO 2016_free entry



#SPUN meets TAKE A TR!P Loud Club Torino
Special Guest DJ W!LD Catwash Records
Resident Dj : Pistiti & Lollino
Ritorna l'appuntamento piu' esclusivo del Giovedi' sera con
la #ONENIGHT delle ex Officine della stazione porta nuova
nella sua location invernale
Loud Club Torino,
Tavoli per l'Aperitivo e per il party solo su Prenotazione.°
Ingresso da Via Sacchi 65– 1500 posti
DJ W!LD Biography

DJ W!LD’s rise to prominence was no overnight pheno
menon. Without hype or fanfare, he has grown from hero of the Parisian underground to resident at some of the world’s most
acclaimed clubs, with an expansive discography backing up his formidable DJing skills. Since he began making music, his infectious and inventive house, tech and acid productions have graced the likes of Robsoul, OFF Recordings, One Records, Crosstown Rebels sub label RebelLION and many others, whilst his own imprint W serves as a welcome home for much of his finest material.
As the Frenchman’s stock in the production world rise, so too has DJ W!LD grow in status as a DJ, with circoloco snapping him up at DC10 resident in 2009 and Sven Väth inviting him to join the Cocoon family not long after. Sonar, Fabric and Panoramabar have been just a few of the other highlights from his hectic touring schedule. As the years roll on, DJ W!LD con
tinues to innovate, with new and exciting EPs and LPs always appearing on a regular basis and ranging from house to downtempo and plenty in between. His other label, Catwash records, also continues to be a bastion of high quality electronic music that releases fresh EPs as well as carefully curated compilations and is much loved as a result.

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Dove: Loud Club Torino

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