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Aspasia + Scarybox + A Deal With Prometheus live @ Padiglione 14 Collegno (TO)

Aspasia + Scarybox + A Deal With Prometheus live @ Padiglione 14 Collegno (TO)



ASPASIA are a metalcore/alternative metal band from Turin (Italy).
The current line up met on September,21 2010 and immediately resumed the work of writing new songs with the introduction of a new music style formed by a new professional understanding never had before.

They played for " Breed Agency" with international artists as: NEAERA(DE) , BLEED FROM WITHIN(GB) , TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED(UK) , DAGOBA(FR), READY SET FALL (IT), UPON THIS DAWNING (IT) ...

TRACKLIST Chasing the sunset ep :
1 - Down To The Core
2 - The Time To Hide Is Over
3 - Memories Last Forever
4 - Dead Ends
5 - My Constellation




DOWNLOAD " SPREAD YOUR PRIDE" FOR FREE: https://soundcloud.com/scarybox

We have the will of exporting our music, we want to make our lyrics become public,because they are full of topics that everyone lives in everyday life. In sharing this our desire is to let every person have a personal interpretation of our song,because free-thought is everything.
We live in a society that gags us too much




A Deal With Prometheus was born in 2011 from the ashes of previous group Vortix. In Winter 2012 they recorded their first EP at the Raptor Studios in Turin, along with the first venues. In February 2013, their debut video " There And Back" was released (CHECK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iiJ2Z_VS08). Now the band is working hard to create a new original metalcore sound.


Padiglione 14 presenta una serata indimenticabile all'insegna della musica originale !!! Tre giovani promettenti band si esibiranno sul palco di Collegno, vi aspettiamo numerosi !!!

Ingresso 5 euro (arci)

Apertura porte ed inizio concerto ore 22

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 29-03-2013 alle 22:00


Indirizzo: Corso Pastrengo 40 Collegno

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