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AEGEE-Torino SOCIAL(ize) vol. I: Tindr party

AEGEE-Torino SOCIAL(ize) vol. I: Tindr party



AEGEE Torino is excited to announce a new event at Rough dive Bar! We have all loved the Mix&Match experience, where fate chose your partner and threw you on an unexpected date. Get ready cause this time it will be YOU to decide who will join you in the game!
6 euros include aperitivo + drink (9€ two drinks) and three STICKERS to play the game. Get ready to have fun, meet new people and experience a real-life Tindr night…
1.Stick the GREEN STICKERS on the girls or guys that you think might be interested in playing the game with you.
2. PERSONALIZE the stickers, make them original: a word, your phone number, a date, whatever comes up. There will be pens inside the bar.
3. If your chosen one sticks you back with a green sticker, you can go to the tables and start your Mix&Match experience. Get ready for the shortest and craziest DATE you’ll ever have: 5 minutes and a bucket full of questions we have prepared for you to pick up… You will be amazed by how many interesting details you can find out in a few minutes!
4. Time is up: go to the bar and win a SHOT! You will also be given a RED STICKER each. The date was not so interesting? End it by sticking the red one on your partner and start over… Otherwise you can go on with the date for another 5 minutes!
Don't be selfish with the stickers, be brave because... you can always get another green sticker every time you take an EXTRA cocktail!
Cya soon, social people!
#StayAEGEETorino #StaySOCIALize

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Categoria: Food & Drink

Quando: Giovedì 24-03-2016 alle 19:30

Dove: Rough

Indirizzo: via Principe Tommaso 3 Torino

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