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Dario Fariello // Martí Guillem

Dario Fariello // Martí Guillem



Fariello // Guillem
giovedì 14 aprile ore 18.00
Machito - Via Giovanni Argentero, 4 - Torino

Dario Fariello - sax alto
Martí Guillem - circuit bending e strumenti autocostruiti


Born in Valencia in 1983. Currently living in Berlin.
Heterodox artist, he manipulates electronic devices, sounds, images, videos, actions and objects, in an unusual, unique way.
Improvisation, experimentation and " do it yourself" are combined, irreverently and in a reflexive way, mostly in ephemeral proposals. He's characterized by a fresh and changing language that reflects on the social habits and the relationship between creativity and everyday life.
Martí has performed more than one hunderd times in the last years, going around Europe with his solo project «Crocanti" , using circuit-bent toys in a fun-bizarre performance.
He presented ephemeral electroacoustic works such as Sonosincrasy, Vibraso’, Ton-Dose, both in Germany and around Spain.
He is involved in the collaborative projects «ESOC» and works with many artists of the improv scene such as Rieko Okuda, Emilio Gordoa Rodriguez, Scott Sinclair, Caroline Cecilia Tallone, Michiyasu Furutani, Avelino Saavedra.
He coordinates the PINPANPUN Festival in Valencia and «Loopsider», a concert serie in Berlin since 10 years.
Performer and improviser. Born in Naples, plays alto saxophone and viola. At the present moment based in Oslo. He is part of Multiversal, an independent network of musicians, artists, performers and spaces that focuses on sound and improvisation.
Studied piano, guitar and saxophone with Annamaria Iorizzo, Giacinto Piracci, Guglielmo Pagnozzi, Edoardo Marraffa, Harri Sjöström. Studied music at University of Bologna, where he co-founded the Bologna improvisers Orchestra and the label Eclectic Polpo Records.
He's been running the radio series Musica Imprevedibile, which became a permanent concert series in Bologna and a four-days festival in Naples.
Moved to Berlin in 2011, to work with Tristan Honsinger, Emanuele Rodo, Matteo Rovesciato, Paul Schwingenschlögl, Luca Marini.
Has been involved in Venice Biennale, London Jazz Festival, Biennal of Tehran, Angelica Festival, Frakture series, and at GIO Festival, collaborating with the Glasgow Improvisers orchestra.
With Luther Blissett, jazz-core band from Bologna, he played in Italy, United States and United Kingdom. Nowadays he collaborates with: Eren Ileri, Thiebault Imm, Mikael Szafirowski, Alexander Chernyshkov, Marina Poleukhina, Alex Riva, Brage Tørmænen, Øyvind Hellner, Espen Ursin, Sergi Saldana-masso, Paolo Gaiba-Riva, Frank Szardenings, Miriam Siebenstädt, Lauren Rodz, Stefan Voglsinger, Marti Guillem.
Filario Farinoppo - Procededdus a ogus trottus (Eclectic Polpo Records, EP003 - 2008)
Luther Blissett - Live at Downbeat Festival '07 - (Eclectic Polpo Records, EP004 - 2008)
VA - Clinical Jazz – w/ Pulsanti (Clinical Archives, ca200 - 2008)
Pulsanti - " Pulsanti" (Eclectic Polpo Records, EP005 - 2008)
Filario Farinoppo / Scamarcio Sinagoga – Split CD-r (Eclectic Polpo Records, EP008 - 2009)
Luther Blissett - " Luther Blissett" (Eclectic Polpo Records, EP011 – 2009)
Bologna Improvisers Orchestra - 9 Live Improvisations (Eclectic Polpo Records, EP013 - 2009)
GNU - Experimental Open Session at SPM Ivan Illich (Setola Di Maiale, SM1280-1290 - 2009) Fariello/Marini/Van der Weide - Chez Les Primitifs (self-release, 2010)
Mallucoch Quartet – Epitaph For An Exploding Star (Striate Cortex – SC09 – 2010)
Wozzeck feat. Dario Fariello / A fashionable Disease – Split CD-r (The Pet Goat Records, PG058 - 2010)
Luther Blissett - Bloody Sound (Bloody Sound, Lepers Productions, Brigadisco, Hysm?, Eclectic Polpo Records EP016 – 2011) Sweet Turnip - Live at Wendel (self-release, 2011)
Dario Fariello / Utku Tavil – Pompous Music (self-release, 2011)
Dario Fariello / Kolonel Blip – Live at Amann Studios (self-release, 2012)
Classwar Karaoke 0020 Survey – w/ Alexei Borisov, Olga Nosova, Giuseppe Birardi (Classwar Karaoke, 2012)
Uno (Never Come Ashore – 2012)
Brigadisco 4 “Capropoli” - w/ Luther Blissett (Brigadisco, BRG035 - 2012)
Nolebol Compilation – w/ Luther Blissett (Nolebol, 2012)
Luther Blissett / Gli Putridissimi - split tape (Lepers Productions, Hysm?, Eclectic Polpo Records - 2012)
Classwar Karaoke 0024 Survey – w/ Kolonel Blip (Classwar Karaoke, 2013)
Hüzün – Revenons à Bombe (self-release - 2014)
Classwar Karaoke 0025 Survey – w/ Frank Szardenings (Classwar Karaoke, 2014)
Frank Szardenings / Dario Fariello – Cut them loose (self-release, 2014)
Frank Szardenings / Dario Fariello – Live at Kleiner Salon (self-release, 2014)
Classwar Karaoke 0026 Survey – solo at Freitagsmusik, Hamburg (Classwar Karaoke, 2014)
ZGB - Into the cave of Plato, exit and re-entry (Luminose, 2015)
Dario Fariello / Håkon Lie - Nonfigurativ Musikk 6 (Nonfigurativ Musikk, 2015)

concerto-apericena a 5 euro
ingresso con tessera Arci

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Dove: Machito Circolo Arci

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