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SEMINARIO: The changing climates project, a corpus-based investigation

SEMINARIO: The changing climates project, a corpus-based investigation




Eighth seminar of " Energy and Power. Social ontology perspectives and energy transitions"

Wednesday 27 April 2016 h.15,00 - 17,00
Sala Lauree Rossa
Campus Luigi Einaudi
Lungo Dora Siena 100/4 Torino

A project inspired and led by John Urry

Carmen Dayrell Lancaster University

Although climate change has reached a broad scientific consensus with respect to its impacts and the urgent need to take actions, global cooperation for its solution has not yet been achieved. Our research project examines the ways printed newspapers have framed climate change issues across four countries: Britain, Brazil, Germany and Italy. Our ultimate aim is to investigate the role that mass media in shaping public opinion. These countries are all major emitters of greenhouse gases but their citizens reveal different attitudes and different levels of concern towards climate-change related issues (PEW 2010; EC 2011). This paper presents the results of such cross-cultural analysis, focusing on the British - Brazilian results and the preliminary Italian results, and discusses interesting differences between these countries. This paper will also discuss the methodological questions arising from combining critical discourse analysis with corpus linguistics methods to carry out a diachronic analysis across four national discourses, recounting the various stages and the reasons behind our decisions.

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Quando: Mercoledì 27-04-2016 alle 15:00

Dove: Campus Luigi Einaudi

Indirizzo: Lungo Dora Siena 100 Torino

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