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Quelli che impiegano male il loro tempo sono i primi a lamentarsi che passi troppo in fretta. Jean de La Bruyère

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X FUROR ET FERRUM - International Tournament of Historical Duel - June 2 - Pavone (ITALY)

X FUROR ET FERRUM - International Tournament of Historical Duel - June 2 - Pavone (ITALY)



Dear old and new friends...
Spring is coming and here we are for another great international moment to be lived in the region of Piedmont in Italy!
It's time to enroll ! To Arms ! To " Arts" !
The Arms are, obviously, the historical ones and Arts are your skills in, passionately, re-enacting historical duels by the ancients fencing schools, in front of the great crowd that will, as usual, reach Pavone Canavese and in front of a selected International Jury of Masters.

It's time for Tournaments : the 10th edition of the International Tournament of Historical Duel " FUROR ET FERRUM" © and the 16th edition of the National Italian Tournament that will be held during the 19th Ferie Medievali di Pavone Canavese (Turin) in Italy on the 1 and 2 of June 2013.

As every year we'll be hosting from entire Europe, and from almost every Italian region hundreds of excellents Master of Arms, coreographers, fencers, re-enactors of the historical martial arts for the Tournaments of Historical Duel and to give life to the ancient village during some unforgettable days.

Do not hesitate on contacting me by e-mail. I'm at your total disposal for every information.

Vale et Valete
Daniele Lucca
Please find my contacts info at the end of the invitation details!


Dear old friends and new friends of this noble art
A new season has come, and here I am really happy to invite all of you to participate to the 10th " FUROR ET FERRUM" the International Tournament of Historical Duel to be held in Pavone, near Turin, in Italy on Sunday 2rd of June 2012.

Who has already come from every part of Europe (Norway, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slowakia, Hungary, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany) during the last years, (and it's going to happily come back this year...) already knows well which qualified, nice and special treatment we give to all of our guests under the beautiful towers of our castle, so here I am to invite you, again or for the first time, in Italy to live this tournament with all of us, exchanging experiences and having fun in an outstanding and passionate atmosphere full of history, skills, talent and friendship. (...and surrounded by good music, almost 1000 re-enactors, more than 30.000 visitors from all Italy and enjoying good food and wine...).

By the rules, the winner and the second classified of the last year Italian tournament will participate for Italy to Furor et Ferrum this year.

As usual the organization and I will take care of all your needs since now and most of all on site.

We provide to our duelists for the global travel expenses " round trip" (including highway tolls) from your National headquarter town for one 2000 c.c. uleaded big car or a big gazole van or camper reffering to:

Train if you don't drive
Airplane if you come across the sea

You can bring up to TWO couples of duelists.

Usually we give full hospitality (good food and wine at lunch and dinner) to one person plus for every single duelists

We allways try to make everyone happy to come to Pavone's Fair!!!

As every year we offer a " served" green camp in the middle of the historical town center, very close to the Tournament Arena, to set your historical tents and sleeping bag (and near the camp there's a big gym for who 's " eventually chilled" ;-)) and for everyone to take hot showers)

As usual during your stay we'll offer you lunch and dinner with a lot of great Italian food and water...and good wine and ale !!!!
(and middle-age taverns will be open until late in the morning.....!! " In taberna quando sumus...." (Carmina Burana docet...) ;^))

And as usual we love to offer our special hospitality and our smiles

On Saturday (all day and night long) you will have the chance to live the event with all the Italian Academies that will take part to the XVI Italian Tournament in the afternoon, and to see and participate, if you desire, to the night shows.

And for the musicians between you (skilled or not) there will be the possibility to take part to a wonderful workshop: Big Scottish bagpipe with the only non-scottish winner of the Glasgow Bagpipe World Contest, the Italian master Alberto Massi, that will lead the III Northern Gathering of scottish bagpipe in Pavone.

A new Internet site English/Italian is running:, so please be patient for update and for translations to be done and still refer to it as you find news about the event and links to the national and international tournaments.

You may also find news on FACEBOOK's page of Ferie Medievali

Looking forward to see you again or... For the first time !!!
Best regards to all of you !
Your favorite Art and Tournament Technical Director

Daniel Lucca

For every information and every question please contact me at:

E-mail :

English spoken- On parle Français - Se habla Espanol

Soon on the web you will find inscription forms

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Categoria: Fiere, Sagre e Mercatini

Quando: Alle 10:00 dal 01-06-2013 al 02-06-2013

Dove: Pavone Canavese

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