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2 Years of Rooster!

2 Years of Rooster!



❋ It’s time to celebrate Rooster's second year of life on planet Earth ❋

It’s Rooster’s second birthday and we’d like to celebrate with all of you!
For this occasion we’ve invited Marina Nekhaeva to showcase her MH Design / Marina Nekhaeva with super special prizes.

We’ll exhibit a special photographic project: TW II NS.
An editorial story shot with a vintage analogic camera by Alice Guarini in collaboration with Rooster and its goodies.

Also, we’ll say welcome to our new neighbour Martin Pas, the guys from this brand new synthesizer shop will play some good tunes.
We’ll then party on with Aliki, Calavera & friends djset.

We’re also prepared to cheer with free bubbles & beers

Be there ♡

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Quando: Sabato 25-06-2016 alle 14:00

Dove: Rooster Vanchiglia

Indirizzo: Via Artisti 13 ( int.cortile ) Torino

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