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Echoes of October, Marcelo Tag at Doctor Sax Music Club

Echoes of October, Marcelo Tag at Doctor Sax Music Club



Sabato 09 Luglio 2016
03:45 - 12:00


Echoes Of October aka Ben Anders believes in ability to feature powerful yet harmonic techno. The mysterious artist echoes his passion for a unique sound throughout his well-constructed productions. Echoes Of October contributes to the electronic scene with his partner through their label ARDOR records, which features young talented artists with similar vision.
His newest EP [Mind the Black Moon] is the best reflection to his music ideology. The EP features warm harmonies and a story telling feeling throughout the whole EP. The EP was also supported by Tale Of Us, Mind Against, Mano le tough and many more. One of Echoes of October’s main goals is to create his own hypnotic and mesmerizing techno vibes through his own interpretation on different life events that he experienced.

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Doctor Sax Music Club
Lungo Pò Cadorna 4
Murazzi lato sinistro, Torino

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Quando: Sabato 09-07-2016 alle 23:59

Dove: Doctor Sax

Indirizzo: Lungo Po Cadorna 4 Torino

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