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Trance Generator [open air party ] With : Helber gun 24/7 ILAI Iono Music Spec3 Catalyst Nukleall Blacklite and more

Trance Generator [open air party ] With : Helber gun 24/7 ILAI Iono Music Spec3 Catalyst Nukleall Blacklite and more



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>>> HELBER GUN ( 24/7 Records ) live

Jesse Cabrera & Ramon Macias make up the Mexican psytrance duo act ‘Helber Gun’.
The two amigos had been DJ’ing around the local scene for some time, until an unforgettable festival experience lead the way for the two to join forces. The first incarnation of the project saw a progressive take on music which had many successful releases and collaborations with some of the most respected global psychedelic trance producers.
Recently the project has taken a new and exciting direction, focusing on a faster BPM range with a more solid and psychedelic sound whilst retaining its connection to their audience.
With each passing day the ideas are becoming more complex and intelligent, the Helber Gun has been reloaded and its scope is pointed at delivering massive auditory impact!
With upcoming releases and a polished live show to keep the party goer’s feet planted to the dance floor.

>>> ILAI (Iono-Music) Live

Ilai is an Italian dj, known in most part of the globe. He was born on September 1987 in Padova, Italy, where he still lives.
From a very young age he had a great passion for music and when was just 12 he was interested by electronics rhythms. At the age of 16 he had his first experience as a Dj at small events and clubs. In 2005 he started producing his own music simply as “Ilai”, where he released his first tracks in 2008. From that period he started to play on some of the biggest events in Italy and other countries.
One of his first track is called “Psychedelic Answer” that immediately give the impression of his style – phat bass, embracing groove and psychedelic melodies are the words that best describe his music. In 2010 Ilai finished his first EP called " Impulse" successfully released on 24/7 Rec. –a well known electronic label – with great response. With a series of releases and collaborations with a lot of artists such as Materia, Dust, M-Theory, Mental Broadcast and many more, he has become one of the artists most in demand in that ambient. One year later his first album burst on the scene.
Given that, ILAI - END OF TIME , released on the renowned “24/7 Records”, gave a meaningful hint on the creative potential of this artist.
Also as DJ he is constantly rocking the dancefloors whenever he gets behind the decks. With a driven approach towards sculpting a new range of psychedelic progressive trance music, Ilai has been full time producing music for almost 1 year, and releases his second album " NEW TOMORROWS" again with 24/7 Records in 2013.
He has also collaborated, remixed and been remixed by top international artists including U-Reken, Zen Mechanics, Ital, Sinerider, M-theory – just to mention the latest ones. Rather than following the current trends, Ilai has placed himself squarely at the forefront of the evolution of psychedelic trance music. Slickly drawing from the best elements of a variety of musical genres – as progressive and techno – Ilai is undoubtedly one of the most exciting acts to emerged in recent years.
Whether as a DJ mesmerized by his latest release or a dancer caught in the wake of his music pulsating through the speakers, the future will see countless listeners continue thrilled and spellbound by his works.

>>> NUKLEALL (Blacklite Records ) Live

Behind the Nukleall project there is Ale Mistretta, one the most talented artist in the Italian Psytrance scene.
He is the main head and label manager of Blacklite Records, a project born after several years of sound engineering and collaborations at the Blacklite Studio.
Nukleall has always been involved in electronic and rock music projects, frequently moving in alternative directions and searching continuously experimental sounds and projects.
In 1996, during the first travel to London, he discovered the Psytrance scene. A strong sensation of attraction for the ambience and the people involved, pushed the curiosity and finally the need to be connected in this world.
Back to Italy, he started to develop his personal Dj Project, Nukleall, playing after a very short time in some of the most important italian events and parties.
First Live act was in 2008 at Modular Dimension in Italy, a 3 days Festival organized by Looney Moon, where he was co-founder with Dj Fog from 2004 to 2009.
In one year his name was already into the international most known list, after releasing music in Hadra, Looney Moon and Purple Hexagon Records.
After several years of intense sessions in studio, Nukleall now is playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals around the globe (Sonica, Tundra, Hadra, Future Nature, Odyssee, Timegate, Tree of Life, Universe Paralello etc… ) and he is collaborating with some well known psytrance music label worldwide (Mutagen Rec., Maharetta Rec., Catalyst Rec., Looney Moon Rec, World People Prod., etc...).
Nukleall has already started to work with other artists and he develops four different psytrance projects: Junesix, Ghost Signal, Barkode and Rack Riders. Tracks by them have been released by several international music labels nowadays.
Nukleall's style has been defined as morning psytrance music with a fat and groovy dancing vein, tightly balanced with a strong whirling and psychedelic atmosphere.
His first solo album " Hundreds of years Into the Future" has been released in November 2012 under Blacklite Records and now Nukleall is preparing new fresh and astonishing releases!
Enjoy the music and connect to Nukleall.

>>> HYPEREGGS ( Looney Moon Records ) Live

Hypereggs, psychedelic trance, Looney Moon Rec. Hypereggs are coming, floating from the deeper stars and the darker caves. Hypereggs communicate with their music: they scream while fried, they cry while boiling, always dementially riding between trash and mysticism. Simone Saretta is the human translator of these hyperintelligent creatures. He tries to interpretate with his hands and mind their awesome legends and stories from the hyperspace.
Hypereggs is a project of psychedelic trance, based between night and daytime, happyness and paranoia, trash and mysticism. Not too slow, not too fast. Just human. Based in north Italy, born in 2013. Looney Moon Rec

>>> NEMO ( Blacklite Records ) Live

Marco Sirica aka Nemo is one of the new talented artists who recently have appeared in the Italian psytrance scene. Even if he got his first exposure to the psytrance world more than 10 years ago, at that time his main interest was proper Trance music and started Djing those sounds at few local parties at the beginning of the 2000s. He has also actively contributed to the local trance scene by organizing specials events with national and international acts and he slowly has switched his tastes to a more progressive sound. Finally in 2014, he has decided to totally abandon Trance and to push his talent on the production of progressive Trance music. Nemo has a unique vision of psychedelic music, with the classic progressive beat but with a very strong influence from the pure psychedelia. After several release with Profound Records and Magma Records, Nemo is joining Blacklite Records, to give some extra proggy flavor to the Label and to start exporting his peculiar sound to the whole world.

>>> SPEC3 ( Catalyst Records México ) Live

Intelligent, powerful, groovy, and highly potent, Spec3 comes to us from Italy. After more than 10 years being a Dj, Marco decided it was time to create his own recipe of serious and extermely astute Psytrance. His music is an elegant and powerful fusion of full-on and ingenious electronic mayhem. The time has come to invoke the digital spectres and other electro-paranormal frequencies! Big hightech basslines and maddening synthlines make Spec3 a sumptuous dancefloor destroyer. Spooks, ghosts, and goblins beware, Spec3 has arrived!

>>> BAO ( Blacklite Records ) Live

BAO is the MORNING FULL ON project of Nicola Filippini 1983, Brescia, Italy.
At the age of eight, he started to learn some musical instruments, taking lessons in guitar and drums.
At 15 he began playing in a punk / hardcore band until the age 'of 19.
In 2002, for the first time took part in his first psytrance party and immediately falls in love.
Start to play Goa trance mixing tracks until, by chance, knows Z3ro, Argentine DJbased in Cremona, which began to organize small parties with friends. In 2007 they decided to form MOONLIGHT PROJECT and start to get serious. Organizing parties with international guests and collaborating with bands and labels in northern Italy.
Over the past two years are able to organize two festivals: " NEW ERA" which continues the philosophy of good vibrations and collective rebirth. Principles on which it is founded MOONLIGHT PROJECT PSYTRANCE FAMILY .
In 2010, increases the passion and decides to make their own music and after 2years of studies and top tips from Nukleall (BLACKLITE RECORDS), the project is now ready.
B.A.O. " Behind Alien Odyssey" is a liveset with lots of bouncy melodies and bouncing bass lines that characterize the moonlight sound

>>> SHEENYGAMI ( Blacklite Records ) Live

Sheenygami is a full on psytrance project born in north-eastern Italy in 2014. His experience as a multifaceted musician (guitarist, drummer and singer) and his higher education on electronics played a key role in his extremely fast growth in psychedelic music production. Sheenygami's first contact with electronic music happened when he discovered psytrance at age 24, taking part in Ozora Festival 2012, and he instantly fell in love with the music and the spirit. He soon began to test his composition skills using his rock and metal background and his passion for soundtracks as main source of inspiration. Later, he easily learned DJing and started to perform at some parties in the north east of Italy, defining his genre and playing his own tracks among those of highly energetic fullon acts hailing from labels such as Blacklite, Catalyst and Grasshopper. After moving to Turin and getting in touch with the scene, Sheenygami was promptly discovered by Nukleall and spent a lot of time at Blacklite Studios refining his tracks until ready to release his work.

CIVA ( Profound Record ) Live

As the Eightees were going to end ,in north east of Italy,Devis was born.
After a serene youth past dancing and listening to the electronic sounds in any clubs ,he crossed from 90's to the new century,discovering tekno and its ambient.
Like many people use to do,he followed also trance,and from 2006 he finally moved to frequent psy movement .
He chose the name " Civa" ,djing in italian parties .
Immediately interested in full on music ,he developed a bombing djset and he played in many important events organized by Looneymoon,Evolution,team Believe...
Moreover Devis went to visit swiss festivals where he got inspiration from his favourite live acts to define his idea of production.
From 2010 Civa started to create his own music caracterized by definite basslines + groovy sounds and powerfull synths.
In 2013 he joined Profound rec.
Debuts with Mystical atmosphere EP and the 2014 saw Civa locked away in his studio to work on upcoming release...Stay tuned!


Acid Mind was born in 2007/8 by a group of people who gave birth to a project named Davya crew did a group that entertained hundreds of people doing free parties around the Venetian .. Acid Mind took inspiration from a very dear friend ilai that teaching them to use the cDJ plug it into the psytrance .. i mount the musical style of Mind Acid stabilizes soon on the full on the night ... that is darker over the years he played in many regions of Italy and also abroad bringing his dJ sets in romania Swiss Autria Luxemburg etc. .. in the last few years is very active in the Italian party in collaboration with various national and international artists .. Now works together with prominent crew in Italy MONKEYSEXPLOSION tm in 2013 he joined the note label WOO-DOG Recordings.

>>> KIMIK YIU ( Maharetta Records ) Dj set

Kimik Yiu otherwise known as Yuri Merenda was born In Pisa in 1989, and began his long journey Into electronic music with his love for Minimal Techno, this was where he originally honed his beatmatching skills on Vinyl.
Inevitably this led him to discover many other forms of electronic music, and of course, the world of Djing. Like many, after much research and different musical ventures, he finally found Psychedelic Trance. never looking back and taking with him Inspiration from previous musical experiences. This diverse background then paved the way for his life and career as a Dj.
It's Infectious groove, and undeniably addictive sound mesmerized Yuri, something he felt, had always been missing from other genre's.

Shortly after his discovery, Immediatly began organizing several small parties around the area Turin, and In 2012 met Ale Nukleall, label manager at Blacklight Records, where he stayed for 3 years.
A major turning point for Yuri's career, This then gave him the opportunity to play at many International festivals, Including. Future Nature, Human Evolution and Own Spirit.

In 2015 he was picked up by Maharetta Records, a label founded In spain Co-run by Zac Lee and Juan Fontorira Moyer, where he continues to push and develop himself as an artist within their roster.

>>> DORO ( 24/7 Records ) Dj set

Doro is an italian full power psytrance dj. Born in Padua in 1988, he was involved in the psy trance scene in 2004. He felt in love with that music and after a year he bought his first console and joined in Davya Crew with his two best friends and djs, Ilai and Acid Mind. In 2007 he started making parties with them and playing around Italy placed side by side international artists like Tristan, Rinkadink, Atomic Pulse, Quantum, AMD, Shane Gobi and many others. Known for his powerful basslines, which alternate hard grooves and jumping pieces, in 2015 he met Astralex and joined in 24/7 Records label.

>>> SYNTHETIK WAVES ( Monkeysexplosion) Dj set

>>> FEEL ( Sourcecode Transmissions ) dj set

>>> SIR (Different Reality) Dj set

>>> INGLORIOUS BASTARDS (evil corp) Dj set

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