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DAMANHUR: School for Spiritual Healers 1st year Intensive

DAMANHUR: School for Spiritual Healers 1st year Intensive



Discover your innate power to heal and be healed.

Damanhur’s School for Spiritual Healers is one of the world’s foremost intensive programs in holistic healing, with a basis in 40 years of research. As all healing begins with the individual, this three-year course guides students into profound self-discovery of their innate healing power.

The Three-Year Course

This is achieved through:
• The application of tools (in both individual and group settings) that facilitate positive and lasting personal transformation.
• Technical training that opens and activates powerful channels of energy flow. In particu-lar, students are instructed on how to harness and utilize a highly refined cosmic healing energy called “Prana.” This powerful healing energy permeates various time dimen-sions, including the past, present and especially the future, thereby facilitating the heal-ing recipient’s highest growth.

Once this is mastered, course participants are further trained in the theory and practice of a complex healing technique for the transmission of Prana, called Pranatherapy. At the end of the first year of the course, students are activated as healers and begin experiencing the effectiveness of this work on themselves and on others.

For more information about the 1st year intensive on August 16th and to secure your place, please visit

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