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Workshop with Alyona Seyp

Workshop with Alyona Seyp



Hey everyone;) my name is Alyona. People in Russia knows me as Seipushka. There are some information about my life and achievements. I've never been an athlete till the age 21. I used to eat pancakes and study for all my conscious life. But when I've met IT(my chrome friend) I just felt in love and became that girl who I'm now... Love polechill, poleflow, poledance ;)) Achievements:
- 1st place in my city Chelyabinsk (2013, 2014, 2015)
- the champion of Ural " Mrs. and mr pole dance" (URFO) 2014.
- the 2nd place at the Pole Sport International 2014
- the finalist of Pole art France 2015
- judge at the sports/exotic/art championships in Russia (2013-2016)
- one of 15 presenters at the most popular pole dance camp in Russia in Nijniy Novgorod. People like Olga Trifonova, Vladimir Volch Karachunov, Tatyana Gordienko, Dmitry Politov, Dmitry Fedotov, Slan Silver Bullet etc work there.
Come over, boys and girls! We'll have some fun, I promise;)

Description :

9.09.2016 at 18.30
90 min
Beginner -intermediate level
- Acrobatic base on the pole.
- different spins on static.
- interesting ways to use pole floorwork
- set of basic conditional exercises and preparational moves which will help you in your future serious tricks.
65 euro one person

" Hidden force" .
8.09.2016 at 20.00
90 min
Intermediate - advanced level
- Interesting and original combos on static pole.
- handsprings on the pole and on the floor.
- balances
- you will know secrets about how to do hard tricks easier: everything that seems impossible to you is possible.
65 euro one person

" Fast and Furious"
9.09.2016 at 20.00
High level
- original and furious spins
- crazy mix of acrobatic combos on static pole.
- backovers, balances, splits.
65 euro one person

" Lady in red"
8.09.2016 at 18.30
90 min
All levels
For ladies, who forgot that they are ladies.
- if you still cant do bodywaves and your moves looks clumsy, so this workshop is for you!
- during this class you will meet your inner pretty and sensitive woman.
- you will not see anything hard, only beauty, femine energy, grace and woman's story in each movement.
65 euro to person

1 workshop =65 euro
2 workshop =120 euro
3 workshop =150 euro

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Intestato a Turin Pole Dance Studio
20121 MILANO
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Quando: Giovedì 08-09-2016 alle 20:00

Dove: Turin Pole Dance Studio

Indirizzo: Via Saluzzo 100 Torino

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