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Workshop with Bénédicte Rinaldi

Workshop with Bénédicte Rinaldi



After her experience in artistic gymnastics, Bénédicte discovered Pole Dancing in 2012 and it became immediately a passion. Since then she's been teaching and participating to competitions. Her signature moves mix strength and flexibility, and also acrobatics. She tries to include this gymnastics style in more artistic choreographies.
Pole Theater Paris 2014 Winner (Overall and Drama) French Pole Sports 2015 Champion 2nd runner up French Pole Dance Competition 2015 2nd runner up Pole Art Cyprus 2015 Pro

" Upside down"
Handstands for pole workshop 1h30 - all levels
4.11.2016 at 20.00
Handstands are not a miracle, they are a technique and dedicated training. In this class you will learn the key positions to manage a good handstand. You will also get plenty of exercises to train yourself on your own later, with or without the pole. Let's start your freestanding handstand journey !
70 euro one person

" Signature Static"
Tricks and combos workshop on static pole 1h30
intermediate or intermediate / advanced
5.11.2016 at 14.30
Some combos inspired by gymnastics, a little bit of spin on static transitions, and a few nice drops... Let me teach you my favourite tricks and combos on static pole !
70 euro one person

" Signature Spinning"
Tricks and combos workshop on spinning pole 1h30 - beginner / intermediate
5.11.2016 at 10.00
What I love the most ? Bendy stuff of course, some crazy legs sequences and a few you-didn't-see-it-comming transitions... Let me teach you my favourite tricks and combos on spinning pole !
70 euro one person

" Stretch-aholic"
Legs,hips and back flexibility workshop 1h30 - all levels
5.11.2016 at 11.30
Flexibility is key for many pole dance tricks ! By working smartly and slowly, your body can achieve much more than you think. Warm up method, simple exercises that you can repeat on your own, active and passive stretch, not only legs but also hips and back bending… We will go through the routine that works for me and find out what will be good for you!
50 euro one person

1 pole workshop +1 handstand workshop 130 euro
1 pole workshop + 1 handstand workshop + 1 stretch workshop 165 euro

Private classe 100 euro one person

IT87 H033 5901 6001 0000 0116 183
Intestato a Turin Pole Dance Studio
20121 MILANO
Periodo del corso: dal 04-11-2016 al 05-11-2016
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Categoria: Corsi

Quando: Venerdì 04-11-2016 alle 20:00

Dove: Turin Pole Dance Studio

Indirizzo: Via Saluzzo 100 Torino

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