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WAX Closing party w/Toni Rios @ Tritolo

WAX Closing party w/Toni Rios @ Tritolo



WAX Closing party season 2k12 - 2k13

Eccoci...come l'ultima pietra da posare...il ns progetto WAX quest'anno volge al termine...superando di gran lunga ogni previsione possibile...

...è stata una stagione fantastica con pochi ma imperdibili appuntamenti...che voi avete arricchito con i vs sorrisi e la vostra voglia di fare festa che posso affermare ci invidiano da tanti altri posti...

Quest'anno sarà una chiusura molto speciale...per la prima volta abbiamo il piacere e l'onore di avere un ospite ad arricchire la ns festa...e non un Guest a caso...

...Ladies & Gentlemen...


Cocoon | BluFin | Soap Rec


Toni ha scelto quindi di inserire nelle date del suo nuovo progetto HOLOCUBE Album Tour 2013 anche il ns amato Tritolo, dopo location come Frankfurt e Santo Domingo, questo anche perchè ha avuto modo di vedere quello che riuscite a combinare eheh, ovviamente il tutto targato WAX!!

Resident djs :

Artès (Deep Techno)
MoG (Techno)

Toni Rios
Toni Rios launched in 1989 at the age of 18. In the mid nineties he got his final touch at the still legendary club Omen in Frankfurt on the Main, continuing his acting career as international DJ. Toni Rios became subsequently a solid constituent of the Cocoon Booking Agency and Cocoon Events. Later in 2004 he additionally started a residency with the associated Cocoon Club in Frankfurt. From Acidhouse, Trance and hard-loop focussing Techno of the nineties, and up to modern Techhouse Sound which he allows currently to flow into his sets, Toni Rios and his sound places himself presently up-to-date, hot Spanish temper included. From Miami over to Sao Paulo and up to Bangkok and Tokyo, just to name a few cosmopolitan cities, Toni Rios travels regularly all over the globe and performs weekly at the hottest European clubs. Furthermore, Toni Rios performed at big events such as the Love Parade (Berlin), Mayday (Dortmund), I Love Techno (Belgium) or Dance Valley (Amsterdam), where he won the heart of thousands of inspired people. In concurrence, Toni Rios operates also since the mid nineties as a successful producer and runs his own record and digital label with Soap Records. 15 years ago this was stepping stone to Toni Rios and his friends to start their career as producers. Toni Rios now also offers in 2009 - the digital age makes it possible - a platform to the newly producers from New York, Tel Aviv and Ukraine. Just as 20 years ago when Toni Rios received small gigs arranged by other DJs, Toni now takes care himself of the new generation. The circle is therefore closed, with a 20-year DJ anniversary followed by an extended world tour including an associated EP-release in October.

Finally 18. Finally of age in Germany. Completely independent. Some simply call it " free" . Basically it is just a number. But yet the first deep cut in everyone's biography. At the age of 18 things appear in a different light. Or get a new, deeper meaning. Even the hitherto senseless suddenly makes sense. And you start to ask yourself if the success of the first hour really was pure coincidence. Or rather predetermined?
Occasionally, not only a human individual but also musical project needs the distance of eighteen years to understand itself. And to mature to true greatness. In this case it's a trio formed in 1994. Among Techno veterans still well known by their " Holobube" pseudonym. But also young clubbers know about who we talk as soon as the true names are revealed: Toni Rios, Andre Walter and Marco Cannata.
Already with their first vinyl " Earth & Fire" they catapulted themselves into the Dance Olympus: An eleven-minute acid trip, which is one of the milestones on Sven Väth's seminal Harthouse label. Following each member went his own personal way. Toni Rios as a globally celebrated producer and DJ, co-founder of Cocoon Recordings, Cocoon Club resident and owner of the top label Danza Electronica. Marco Cannata's career led him from legendary club Omen Frankfurt via Ultrasound in Munich to Stammheim in Kassel. Marco also was well represented at all major events between Germany and Brazil and produced about 60 releases with studio partner Peter Haubfleisch as well as DJ Pierre on labels such as PV, Hörspiel or Audio. Third part of the group is André Walter, the production genius in the background. Founder of the influential label Stigmata as well as developer of the dark brute sound of Chris Liebing released on Audio, CLR and CLAU. André is also responsible for club hits and remixes with and for stars such as Monika Kruse, Marshall Jefferson, John Starlight, Tiga, Sven Väth and the White Stripes.
All three not only accompanied the rise of the Techno metropolis Frankfurt / Main. They shaped and brought it forwarded decisively. And now, 18 years later, the former youngsters wanted to know how Holocube would sound if founded in 2012. Unlike 1994, of course. But the greed to produce uncompromising dance sound is still the same.


23.30 - 01.30 * Artès b2b Mog
01.30 - 04.30 * Toni Rios
04.30 - 05.30 * Artès b2b Mog

Toni Rios

Facebook Link :


MySpace Link:


Holocube facebook link:


Special THX a:

- Diego Aquino (aka Acidman)
- Nicolò Mina (aka Anim)
- Mattia Sosti

per i warm up che vi hanno non scaldato ma portato all'ebollizione questa stagione!

Per l'occasione WAX & Toni saranno sotto l'ormai consolidato mirino di Televisione Pirata, che si sta distinguendo per le loro riprese in Club e Festival come il Link di Bologna.

Sito web: http://www.televisionepirata.it

Troverete le loro gesta sul loro canale YOUTUBE :

e sul canale FACEBOOK:

Twitter link:

Caffè Tritolo:


WAX pagina Facebook:

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