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Appuntamento domenicale al Velvet per non perdersi un live incendiario. Loro arrivano da Siracusa e hanno la tragedia che gli scorre nelle vene. Si chiamano Suzanne'Silver e il loro un liguaggio musicale tanto raffinato quanto articolato. Giunti alla loro terza uscita discografica, " DEADBAND" (2012) il quartetto gioca sul sottilissimo filo che corre tra psichedelia, blues e post rock. Insomma imperdibili!!!

SUZANNE' SILVER is a four piece band from Siracusa (Italy), formed in 1998 by four young boys heavily influenced by the sheer spirit of early '90s Seattle.

The passage of time has brought much experimentation to the band's musical approach incorporating '90s Kentucky alternative rock, roots blues, and jazz sound elements into their songs, though their attitude remains inline with their early influences.

After a first self titled EP released in 2003, five songs recorded and mixed by Cesare Basile & Marcello Caudullo, in August of 2006 they recorded their first full length album " The Crying Mary" with Sacha Tilotta & Alfredo Musumeci, which was released a year later by the U.S. label " Radio Is Down" .

" SS flips the traditional equation around, performing clamorous and nearly malfunctioning music, completely estranged from cuddly pop forms; the lyrical references cascade with such unthreatening subject matter as orange trees, sand dunes and crescent moons."

(Gabe Meline)

" Whether or not that's your thing though, the songs on this album will surely draw the attention to anyone who is a fan of this type of music regardless.

It's wonderfully executed and surprisingly catchy at times. Definitely check this out." (builtonaweakspot.com)

The album promotion started off in 2008, when the four Sicilian's crossed the ocean, and played 10 shows during a U.S. West Coast tour between Seattle and Los Angeles.

While in the States, they absorbed the independent culture from bands they met on the road and upon their return home, starting arranging new songs that focused on instrumentation, while limiting a synthetic way of making music.

In 2010 they recorded their second full-length, " Deadband" , at the Red House Recordings in Senigallia (AN) with David Lenci, all strictly and painfully analogue.

" Deadband" will be out in September, to " Radio Is Down" on vinyl in the U.S. and in Europe.

Some songs from " Deadband" and " The Crying Mary" were rearranged in " La Madonna Soprattutto" , a lo-fi recording of Suzanne'Silver acoustic live-set that was released by " Onehundredirty Records" (April 2011) on 100 hand-numbered cassette tapes that show the jazzy and intimate side of the band.

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