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Stoner/psychedelic night: SPINDRIFT + BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA + YIKON

Stoner/psychedelic night: SPINDRIFT + BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA + YIKON




James Acton (Utah, USA)- Drums, Autoharp
Henry Evans (Rhode Island, USA)- Bass and Baritone Guitar
Kirpatrick Thomas (Delaware, USA)- Guitar and Vocals
Sasha Vallely-Certik (England, UK)- Vocals, Mellosonic, Flutes
Luke Dawson (Texas, USA)- Pedal Steel & Guitar

Spindrift is a psychedelic rock band created by singer-songwriter-composer-producer-actor Kirpatrick Thomas. Founded in 1992, the band originated in Newark, Delaware along with such other local bands of the period including Jake and the Stiffs, The Verge, Boy Sets Fire, Zen Guerilla and Smashing Orange. Heavily influenced by The Doors, My Bloody Valentine, Hawkwind, Bruce Haack, and Chrome, Spindrift's early stages were experimental and differed greatly from their present sound.

Six years later band members Kirpatrick Thomas, Joe Baluta and Zachary Hansen re-located to Los Angeles. The band re-formed to include Bobby Bones of Psychic TV, Dave Koenig, Frankie " Teardrop" Emerson and Rob Campanella of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Jason " Plucky" Anchondo of The Warlocks. Inspired by their new locale, the band began a new stylistic approach evoking the spirit of the Old West as mythologized by Western Cinema, Spaghetti Westerns in particular.

In 2005, Kirpatrick Thomas along with filmmaker Mike Bruce began production on the independent feature film The Legend Of God's Gun, inspired by the same classic Western Films that influenced their music, most often those directed by Sergio Leone and scored by Ennio Morricone.

During this period (2005-2009), the lineup consisted of David Koenig on rhythm guitar and harmonica, Julie Patterson on vocals, organ, and lap steel, Jason " Plucky" Anchondo on drums, Henry Evans on double neck bass and baritone guitar, and Kirpatrick Thomas on vocals and guitar. Tours with Dead Meadow (Kirpatrick Thomas filled in for an ailing Jason Simons on guitar during one tour), The Black Angels, and The Dandy Warhols followed until November 2009 when the band suffered a major lineup change due to tour burnout and financial difficulties.

It was around this time that Spindrift began performing electro-acoustic shows with a more intimate, stripped down campfire atmosphere under the name of " Bluniform" and " Boy Scout Jamboree" with Koenig and Thomas taking the lead harmonies and performing tunes written by the likes of the " singing cowboys" such as Johnny Western, Johnny Bond, Tex Ritter, The Louvin Brothers, Frankie Laine, The Sons of the Pioneers, and Rex Allen. Spindrift also began incorporating these songs into their regular set and on occasion, would play them live.

In December 2009, Henry Evans and Kirpatrick Thomas began reforming and rebuilding Spindrift while rehearsing and writing new songs in the Gram Parsons death room at Joshua Tree Inn. Added were Luke Dawson (who was innkeeper at the time) on pedal steel and rhythm guitar, Sasha Vallely on vocals, organ, and Native American flute, and James Acton on autoharp, vocals, and drums. The current lineup has performed at SXSW 2010, Psych Fest III, toured the USA with The Black Angels & Dead Meadow, and toured Europe with B.R.M.C. in 2010 and with Black Mountain in 2011. In December 2010 after a 7 week U.S. Tour and following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the band recorded Classic Soundtracks Volume 1 at Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree, CA.

Blaak Heat Shujaa are Thomas Bellier (guitars, vocals), Mike Amster (drums), and Antoine Morel-Vulliez (bass).

Blaak Heat Shujaa's clamorous combination of cacophonic genres, a dissonant symphony unveiling visions of great natural expanses, is unlike any other. The trio's novelty resides in a transcendental tension between its heavy rock roots and an organic inclination to drift towards multiple forms of psychedelia. While they can rock out harder than many 'stoner' rock and metal outfits, the Blaak Heat members pay homage to the vast collection of mind-expanding sounds they grew up on: neo-psychedelia, surf rock, spaghetti westerns, Middle Eastern scales and Far Eastern melodies... The thickest, most colorful bass lines coexist with flying reverb guitars, while ethereal yet in-your-face chants and loud, tribal drums join forces and make way for a unique breed of rock'n'roll: heavy mental.

Blaak Heat Shujaa formed in 2008 in Paris, France, released its debut album in 2010 and put multiple European expeditions behind them. Recently signed to TeePee Records, the now Los Angeles-based trio spent the summer of 2012 at Kyuss's Scott Reeder's desert ranch recording The Storm Generation EP (out December 11, 2012), as well as a full length record (due April 9, 2013). The EP and full length will feature guest appearances by Nobel Prize-nominated gonzo poet Ron Whitehead and desert rock pioneer Mario Lalli. Pure expressions of Blaak Heat's signature psychedelia, these ground breaking releases will undoubtedly shake up the current state of underground rock'n'roll.

Yikon Powerful sound of METAL, direct energy of ROCK and '70's ATTITUDE
come to life in February 2008, from the encounter between guitarist Jekil Ale Fiore (Raw Evil) and bassist Valerio Possetto (ex Royal Dutch). They are joined, soon after that, by Fabrizio Fornero (Clockwork) at drums and Federico Rankin (Liquid Bread) at vocals.
The four members of the band, each one coming from different experiences, immediately find the right alchemy and start composing their own songs.
The undertaken direction melts together the powerful sound of METAL, the direct energy of ROCK and the '70's ATTITUDE.
In Winter 2009, at One Voice Studio, working with Daniele Giordana (Hatebreed, Monster Magnet, Eyehategod, Sick Of It All...) the band begins the production of their debut cd.
In July 2010 the band brings out the selftitled album, composed of 9 tracks.
In December 2011 Enrico Grande (ex Raw Evil) joins the band as new bass player and Yikon start a new season of live concerts.

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