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For over a decade Dumbell has been reigning supreme as the underground international punk-rock collective out of Germany, by way of the American Midwest. Altro...
Formed in 1996 by Paul Grace Smith after departing from SONNY VINCENT'S SHOTGUN RATIONALE where he played with the likes of Cheetah Chrome (THE DEAD BOYS), Greg Norton (HUSKER DU), Richard Hell, and Moe Tucker (VELVET UNDERGROUND) Dumbell's roots & subsequent staying power largely stem from American soil.
Smith, originally from Cincinnati, was taking notes from THE MC5, THE STOOGES, and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND and doing his homework sharing stages with the likes of Zeke and the New Bomb Turks early on.
Taking cues from the godfathers of punk, Smith trudged across the muck and the mire of several continents and arrived in Germany with US garage rock dripping off his boots.
Smith has consistently toured Europe, Scandinavia, and Brazil playing in a handful of punk bands in addition to Dumbell, including the HYDROMATICS (featuring Detroit's legendary Scott Morgan and the HELLACOPTER'S golden boy Nicke) and the notorious NITWITZ of Amsterdam fame.
Hope and humor. Unpretentious and unimpressed. From the bottomless abyss and Dante's inferno.

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Lunedì 23-04-2012 alle 22:00

Dove: United Club

Indirizzo: Corso Vigevano, 33 Torino

Prezzo: 5.00

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