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TEDxCrocetta - Thinking outside the box - 5th October 2013

TEDxCrocetta - Thinking outside the box - 5th October 2013



More information:
This event is open to the public.
Tickets will be available after 21st of June 2013.
The event will be in English.
Confirmed Speakers

Andrea Carignano
Andrea Carignano is co-founder and CEO of Seac02, a company that provides to the software market visualization systems aimed at the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the processes of engineering, of marketing, of sales and communication and at the reinforcement of awareness in consumer purchasing. He is also founder and President of 3D Emotion and, founder and shareholder of StyleMe Pro. He is graduated in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Torino and joined the GAP program at Anderson School at UCLA twice (2004 and 2007). He has over 15 years of academical - as a professor at Politecnico di Torino in the Industrial Design Faculty - and professional experience in Virtual and Augmented Reality and Industrial Design Market. He is member of the board of Associazione Culturale VIEW Conference, and founder member of Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte by Michelin Foundation. And he is also in charge of strategic projects for blue chips company such as Benetton, DisneyXD, Ferrero, Prada, Zegna, and Fiat Group.

Caterina Tiazzoldi
Caterina Tiazzoldi is an award winning architect, owner of Nuova Ordentra, co-founder and director of the Research lab Non Linear Solutions Unit at the GSAPP at Columbia University. She did her PhD in Architecture at Politecnico di Torino (2006) and her Master Of Sciences in Architecture at the GSAPP at Columbia University (2003). Her approach focuses on the interdisciplinary design practice recognized for its work in architecture, landscape design, furniture design and strategic thinking, and the development of conceptual methodologies to creatively responding to the complexity of today's cities. She won the 2012 Edition Architetture Rivelate Award with the project of Toolbox Torino and she was nominated at the 2011/2012 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award, among others. Also she was invited to participate at several international events and exhibits such as Minimaousse 4 at the museum Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris (2011), Salone Satellite with Columbia University (2011), AD Film Festival Tribeca with Onion Pinch (2010), etc. Her work has been widely published in several books and international magazines such as Domus, Elle Decor, Frame, Icon, Interni, Wall Paper, Interior Design, Vogue, Vanity Fair, books Taschen.

Emanuela Zilio
Emanuela Zilio is co-founder and Project Manager of Digital Distillery Srl , a company that has been working on research since 2010 to create new communication models and strategies, promoting the integration of new technologies - such as Natural Interaction, Augmented Reality, Immersive Reality, etc. - with other languages (Journalism, Art, Science), as well as developing highly customized platforms, apps, tools and services. She has a Master of Science in Politics, Policy and Society in Contemporary Europe from the University of Bath (2001) and a PhD in Languages Science also from the University of Siena (2003) where she focused her research on New Media Visual Languages. She developed her professional experience and improved her skills through working on individual and team projects in Italy as well as abroad. She believes that learning never stops and that curiosity is the seed of critical thinking.

Fabio Filippini
Fabio Filippini is the Vice President Design and Chief Creative Officer at Pininfarina Spa. He graduated in Car Design at the " Scuola d'Arte Applicata e Design" and has a Degree in Architecture and Industrial Design from the " Politecnico di Milano" . He has a long international experience in car design and industrial design projects having worked in companies such as Design Club International (Japan, 1989-1993); DCE of Volkswagen-Audi Group as Interior Design Supervisor (Spain, 1997-2000); Renault Design Industriel first as a Director of Renault Design Paris then as the Vice President of Interior Design of the Renault Group (France, 1993-1997, France/Brazil, 2000-2011). In 2011, he joined Pininfarina heading the Design Department, which features one hundred highly skilled designers and technicians, thus reinforcing the long term Pininfarina strategy, which aims to maintain its global leadership position in the field of car design and exclusive products.

Jacob Biamonte
Is a Mathematical Physicist who's research centres around the physical theory of information and the fundamental physical limits of information processing. He was a research scientist on the design team working towards building the worlds first commercial Quantum Computer at D-Wave systems Inc., he worked as a research fellow at Harvard University, as a Lecturer in Mathematics and Physics at St. Peter's College at the University of Oxford and currently leads the Quantum Physics Research Division at the ISI Foundation here in Torino. He is on the editorial board of several prominent journals and actively contributes technical blog articles to the Azimuth Project, which is devoted to using methods from Mathematics and particularly, techniques developed in quantum theory, to address environmental challenges. He is an author of two research books on mathematical physics: Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics and Lectures on Tensor Network States. His current work focuses on developing new mathematical tools to model systems.

John Beaz
John Baez is an American mathematical physicist known for his work on spin foams in loop quantum gravity, and more recently he has focused his research on applications of higher categories to physics and other things. He graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics in 1982. In 1986, he graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge with a Doctor of Philosophy. After a post-doctoral period at Yale University, in 1989 he began teaching as a professor of mathematics at the University of California. He is also known to science fans as the author of This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics, an irregular column on the internet featuring mathematical exposition and criticism since 1993, and for running the blog " Azimuth," where he writes about a variety of topics ranging from This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics to the current focus, combating climate change and various other environmental issues. Baez is also co-founder of the n-Category Café (or nCafé), a group blog concerning higher category theory and its applications, as well as its philosophical repercussions. Additionally, Baez is known on the World Wide Web as the author of the crackpot index.

Marco Bestonzo
Marco Bestonzo has a specialization degree in Bioentrepreneurship from the Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) and a Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Italian Institute of Technology Center for Human Space Robotics. He defines himself as a geek, a creative body-hacker, a scientist and a techpreneur. He is founder and CEO of INTOINO, and he is also co-founder of SnApp and Inverse Innovation Team in Sweden. For his work at INTOINO he was among one of the finalists at the LEWEB'12 global startup competition and won a double award (jury and audience) at the Kauffman Foundation Startup weekend Turin 2012.

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