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Feste Isef pres. ECG - ElectrocardioGamma | Special dj set FRANKIE DEP w/ MAURO FUNDONE | GIOVEDý 24 OTTOBRE @ CLUB GAMMA

Feste Isef pres. ECG - ElectrocardioGamma | Special dj set FRANKIE DEP w/ MAURO FUNDONE | GIOVEDý 24 OTTOBRE @ CLUB GAMMA



ECG - ELECTROCARDIOGAMMA, il giovedý notte che fa impazzire il mondo. Il Giovedý notte universitario per chi ama i suoni electro, depp, tech e chi pi¨ ne ha pi¨ alzi il volume!

Per il quarto capitolo di ECG vi presentiamo un duo torinese che si sta facendo spazio e sta emergendo nel panorama torinese per i suoi dj set..Due djs che si stanno facendo notare da tutto il pubblico musicale nell'ambito tech - house.

Signori e signore ECG, giovedý 24 ottobre, presenta:


(b2b session)


Born in Turin in 1989, Mauro approaches the world of music and in particular the world of clubbing at the age of 17 years, where observing for the first time the crowd from a console, understands not only what the music is able to attract it but also that it is able to convey to the people. From that moment the music and club will be an integral part of his life.
In July 2011 has the honour to open the concert of Crookers on the stage of Reggia di Venaria Reale inside of Beat Music Festival (Festival was born by the Time Agency and who over the last two years has seen performing on its stage the likes of Tiesto, Hardwell, Dash Berlin, Thomas Gold and many others ...) A new year is coming and just as there are numerous objectives, time will give its verdict.


While studying in Italy, Francesco De Paola aka Frankie Dep never intended to end up as a DJ/ producer. He graduated in biomedical engineering. But his love for music, fuelled by the presence of musicians in his family, eventually led him to be a regular presence in the Turin clubbing scene.
He started to follow his passion for electronic dance music and started to work with analogical and digital machines to produce his tracks.
In the last years he was signed in great labels like Area Remote, OFF Recordings, Kaluki music, Sincopat, Sleazy Deep, Cream Couture Records. His tracks was played and charted from many big Artists one of this Pete Tong that played his tracks on BBC Radio 1 and rereleased on Defected.
Many works, in this last summer, was released on 100% Pure and Cr2 Records.
His works come from collaboration too, with artists like Danny Serrano, Darlyn Vlys, 2nd Sequel, Mendo, Piek and many others. The next release will be release on Suara.
In the last year he start to play out of Italy too, in Studio80 (Amsterdam) w 2000 and One and Monika Kruse, and in Sass Music Club (Vienna)
His style moves on the verge of old skool and new skool, and does so perfectly.


2013-10-02 Pumpin (Matter Of Fact)
2013-09-23 What Else (Natura Viva)
2013-09-12 All We Need (Eat and Beat)
2013-08-05 All Bad Things (Thirtyonetwenty)
2013-07-29 Just for me & you (DTD Records)
2013-05-06 There is a Light (Cream Couture Records)
2013-04-15 Featured Emotion (Area Remote)
2013-04-01 Open Your Ears (Kaluki Music)
2013-02-25 Never Again (Unrivaled Music)
2013-01-07 The Tattoo I Wanted (Area Remote)

2013-08-26 V.A - Blue Marlin Ibiza 2013 - Day & Night Vol 7 (CR2)
2013-07-29 V.A. - IBIZA SLEAZE (Sleazy Deep)
2013-05-13 V.A. - 3 YEARS PART 1 (Sincopat)
2013-03-20 V.A. - WMC Edition (Off Recordings)
2013-03-18 V.A. - All Gone Pete Tong & Skream Miami 2013 (ITH - Defected in The House)
2013-03-18 V.A. - 100% Pure Miami 2013 (100% Pure)

2013-04-03 Dakin Auret - Hit a Rock (2nd Sequel & Frankie Dep Remix) (Gooseneck Records)
2013-02-28 Soulfeed - Deep & Harm (Frankie Dep remix) (Elegant Bit)!/Frankie_Dep

Resident dj: BLAVIO | JIM
Voice: A'DAM MC

PER INFO: CRISTIAN 340.2884527
LORIS 338.6926722


ECG - ElectrocardioGamma is powered by FESTE ISEF.

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Giovedì 24-10-2013 alle 23:30

Dove: Club Gamma

Indirizzo: viale Umberto Cagni 7 Torino

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