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FOMENTO By JBRock and Hogre
Inauguration Saturday, November 9, 2013
Time 17:30 - 21:00
Galo Art Gallery (Torino)
Curated by Christian Omodeo
in collaboration with Le Grand Jeu and Galo Art Gallery

The word fomento in Italian means an uncontrollable compulsion that makes you commit an act dangerous and contrary to the common sentiment. In Rome, there is another interpretation of the concept of fomento that emphasizes the psychic energy released by impulse, without considering the consequences of the action. It is in the latter sense that the term fomento appeared in the Roman Hip Hop scene in the '80s to define a creative and proactive attitude, which has been handed down as a landmark among the writers in the '90s and, later, between the Roman street artists of the 2000s.

The society identifies the impulses of graffiti writers and street artists as something harmful and as the result of a psychological deviance . For this reason, starting from the reading of the Roman concept of fomento, a year and a half ago, after the encouragement of Christian Omodeo and with the support of Le Grand Jeu and Galo Art Gallery, JBRock and Hogre have decided to collaborate on an exhibition project that gives shape and visibility to alternative and positive psychological interpretation of Writing and Street Art. The starting point of the exhibition Fomento was an analysis of the relationship between the artists that both have been on the scene for years - JBRock since 1993, Hogre since 2006 - with the spray can and cutter, the basic tools of the technique for Stencil Art. The exhibition also aims to clarify the eyes that not all the Graffiti and Street Art is aimed to aspire to be identified as an artistic movement, but they are customarily a psychological positive attitude towards life and our surroundings.
Not only will JBRock and Hogre be doing an exhibition with all new unseen artworks and installations in the Galo Art Gallery, but also do an installation with art works at The Others art fair.
The project will continue with three public art projects that will leave a permanent mark on the walls made available by Bunker and the organizers of PICTURIN. The final act will be a concert at Bunker by the Colle der Fomento from Rome, present in Turin in conjunction with the exhibition to create a parallel between the sound and visual side of the " FOMENTO" Romano.

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