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DARBUKA NIGHTS [Workshop di darbuka] @ TRAD! Spazio Tradizioni

DARBUKA NIGHTS [Workshop di darbuka] @ TRAD! Spazio Tradizioni



Sabato 23 e Domenica 24 novembre 2013
TRAD! Spazio Tradizioni ha il piacere di ospitare la famosa e bravissima percussionista RAQUY DANZIGER per un seminario di due giorni sulla tecnica turca SPLIT HAND TECHNIQUE!!

Il seminario si terrÓ in Torino presso
TRAD! Spazio Tradizioni
Via Gressoney 29/b

secondo i seguenti orari:

Sabato 23 Novembre 2013 - Livello Principianti (4 ore)
ore 14.00-16.00
ore 16.30-18.30

Domenica 24 Novembre 2013 - Livello Intermedi (4 ore)
ore 14.00-16.00
ore 16.30-18.30

Principianti 4 ore: 60 euro
Intermedi 4 ore: 60 euro
Pacchetto completo 8 ore: 100 euro

Principianti 4 ore: 50 euro
Intermedi 4 ore: 50 euro
Pacchetto completo 8 ore: 80 euro

Le cancellazioni di partecipazione dovranno pervenire ENTRO E NON OLTRE il 12 novembre
esclusivamente via email all'indirizzo
Dalla quota verrÓ trattenuto l'importo di Euro 20 (spese di segreteria).

max rf andreo

Dlite eventi - daniela pilato
+39 331 5072835


A new drumming style has developed recently in Turkey splitting the hands into two, allowing the Turkish drummers to play with incredible speed and dexterity.
In this workshop Raquy will show this amazing technique, and will show how to use this technique in rhythms and solo phrases.

Raquy Danziger is a celebrated performer, teacher and composer
known worldwide for her expertise on the dumbek, the Middle-
eastern hand drum. Hailing from unlikely Western roots, Raquy
has distinguished herself as a unique phenomenon and earned a
place of renown in the genre. In demand on several continents, she
has collaborated and performed with several of the most famous
Middle Eastern drummers in the world.

Raquy has had the honor of performing in Egypt as a soloist with
Said El Artist (The Egyptian " King of Tabla" ) and his drumming
orchestra at the Cairo Opera House, the Alexandria Opera
House, the Cairo Citadel, the historic Ewart Hall in downtown
Cairo, and the Great Hall in the Bibliotheque in Alexandria. In
2005 she was the recipient of the Meet the Composer grant, which
enabled her to perform her original composition with Said El
Artist's orchestra in Egypt. Raquy has appeared on Good Morning
Egypt, Leila Kebira, O TV, the Culture Channel, and Turkish
Television, and has been interviewed on Al Gezira.

" Raquy and the Cavemen," her New York-based duo with Liron
Peled, tours worldwide and has appeared as a headliner in many
major festivals. In addition to the dumbek, Raquy also plays
the twelve- string Kemenche Tarhu, a rare and exotic bowed
instrument designed after the Iranian spike fiddle. Both Raquy and
Liron have recently begun Mongolian Throat Singing, which they
do in harmony, adding yet another dimension to their innovative

Now based in Istanbul, Turkey, Raquy specializes in a style know
as the Turkish Split Hand technique. Her study, practice, and
perfection of this technique with her teacher Bunyamin Olguncan
and other master Turkish drummers has helped her realize a
mission: to incorporate what she has learned into her original
music and share it with audiences and students world wide through
performances, workshops and instructional materials.

Raquy's infectious enthusiasm for Middle Eastern music has
attracted students from around the globe. She has released three
Dumbek Instructional Kits each of which includes a book, a DVD
and a CD. These have helped to spread " Dumbek Fever" far and
wide, opening new horizons for students, a number of who often
perform with her as " The Messengers." Raquy hosts drumming
retreats for her students in the Catskill Mountains, NY, the Sinai
Desert in Egypt and Istanbul, Turkey, and taught a course in
Arabic Drumming at the American University of Cairo. She has
also created her own line of custom-designed dumbeks that are
available through her online store at

" Raquy and the Cavemen's" CDs include: " Masmudi"
(2001), " Dust" (2004), " Jordan" (2005) " Naked" (2007), "
Mischief" , (2008), " Bewitched" (2009) and " Release the Green
Lover" (2010).Bio
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