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Martedý 10.12.13 a Torino, in piazza Vittorio veneto n░13 la ZENITH ROOM al -1 del LAB presenta:

RILLS (wptmwl) B2B EMILIANO COMOLLO (wptmwl)

Clubbing (subculture)_activity of gathering socially at nightclubs*.

Happy Hour solo long drink dalle 22.00 alle 24.00


RILLS grows up in the music environment of Turin around the end of the 90s. In this city, with deep roots in music, becomes very soon Xplosiva Dj resident , very well know music organization in Italy and around Europe. He starts to play beside International famous artists as: Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Craig, Akufen and Zip, just to mention some of them. His first Ep " Bye Bye" produced with Step, gets printed on vinyl for the prestigious Spanish label Esperanza. Several are the feedbacks especially from other famous artists: Loco Dice and Laurent Garnier are the first to play the record all over the world. The following year, RILLS released his second record on the Romanian label All Inn Records: " Everybody" Ep, including the hit " Peep Show" it gets super played by artist as Raresh, Daniel Bell e Dyed Soundorom. In 2011 the very well known label 8bit of Nick Curly and Gorge published " Everything Changed" Ep. A record that expresses better the temperament of the artist allowing him to get more credibility within the International circuit. The track " Follow the Boing" is immediately selected for the compilation that celebrates the 5 years of the label. On February 2012 he released " Synce day one" Ep still on 8bit record with 4 tracks with deep house and minimal dark influence. " Panoramix" is selected on beatport chart by Steve Bug.. RILLS' dj set is very eclectic , sometimes sexy and romantic, sometimes colder and more minimal, but always between techno and house. Resident and founder of We Play The Music We Love, which is the Friday of the Club Gamma in Turin, Rills is also resident of the historical after hour at Doctor Sax. His sound has been wavering trough big Italian festivals as Club to Club and Robot and trough important clubs of Italy and Europe as Club the Visionaere of Berlin, Tenax in Florence, Cassero in Bologna, Studio80 in Amsterdam, Egg in London, Boulevard in Barcelona for the Sonar week 2010 and many more..


Turin's Emliano Comollo, also Known as Emi, has been influenced by music since child. In his city, flourishing from a musical viewpoint, he started his path through different styles and types that, at the and of 90 s, took him to the explosive mach with electronic music. In this genre, he refinded the peculiar underground and innovative flow presents in the music listened in his childhood. From that moment on he decided to dive himeself in this new reality made by beats and 4/4 kicks. Emi co-establish with a group of friends and collegues the project " Crop Circle Unit" a collective of djs and producers which in the early times organized free parties and later took him to gig in venues and party all over Europe as Break fest in Prague and Cithea Nova in Paris. On 2006 kicked off his collaboration with many Turin organizations, playing besides many international artists. Since 2008 he is resindent at Doctor sax, well known after Club, where He has freely developed his own sound, defined by rhythm sections load of groove and wrapping melodies, nevertheless free from the rules dictated by the dance music mainstream.
In 2011 Emiliano joined the " We Play The Music We Love" group, becoming part of one of the most followed party in Turin.

WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Martedì 10-12-2013 alle 22:00

Dove: Lab

Indirizzo: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 13/E Torino

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