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Sabato 4 gennaio compio trent'anni.


Ho deciso di invitare un po di amici a farci ballare e a fare tardi.

Tra cui:

DISCOFORGIA / Starquake Records, RemuteD, SilverWave

└rcade Discoforgia is an idea, a man, a dream, a gateway, a hope.
Producing under this name, he started to catch the attention of the online community with official and unofficial remixes of Thievery Corporation, OK GO, Sleigh Bells, The Other Tribe, Amanda Palmer and others. Discoforgia's EP " Evade The Grave" was released on the netlabel Starquake and had remixes by The Crossfaders, Smitech Wesson, OHHNO!, Monopunk and Strausz. Other releases come out on german label RemuteD an new remixes for Tame Impala, Trust and Motel Connection.
But after all the question is still the same: who the fuck is └rcade Discoforgia?

SONAMBIENT / Megaphone, Starquake Records

Sonambient is the moniker used by the Italian producer Andrea Buzzi. Born in the Northeast but living in the Northwest Italy, in Torino, his music is a mixture of UK Bass, Techno and House, with abundant use of echos, delays, field recordings and chopped voices. Since 2012 he is resident at the clubnight " Bedford Avenue" and part of the PiemonteGroove community; in the same year he remixed Martyn's Ghost People and he played as opening act for Mala at Club2Club 2012 Festival in Torino. His debut album, " Remnant" , has been released in 2013 on Megaphone Records getting excellent feedbacks.

FM Harlock / Starquake Records

Born with the French Touch and grown up listening to Ed Banger releases, the 24 years-old guy from Torino's dj sets are highly influenced by the transalpine sounds, from the softest and most refined to the hardest and more alternative. He doesn't forbid to himself, however, jaunts and excursions into neighboring musical planets of Chicago, Benelux and Great Britain searching for more acid and less distorted sonorities.
Thanks his own label, Starquake Records, he was able to collaborate with Fendi, Mercedes and Monster Energy. He's also part of XXX Reaction crew and he regularly plays at the Say Yeah party in Torino, where he has been in line up with, among the others, Erol Alkan, Zombie Nation, Kavinsky, Mumbai Science, Blatta & Inesha, Boston Bun, NT89, D.i.m., Tai and Attaque, and he closed up concerts for live acts such as Fedez, Linea 77 and Eiffel 65. In his spare time he plays the ukulele, devours music blogs and tries to work on his first EP.

SEBASTIAN LOVE / Starquake Records, Coco Machete Records

Andrea Federico Cecchin a.k.a. Sebastian Love is a dj, producer and composer from Torino. His ductile style led him to various musical productions, from the more introspective to the purely club and danceable one. Winner of Coco Machete Remix Showdown, he published 3 ep and different singles and remixes on the independent and citizen label Starquake Records.
Under the pseudonym of IS, along with Dj Salvezza, he played as closing act for some of the most importants Italian live bands, such as Planet Funk, LNRipley, 99 Posse, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Il Teatro degli Orrori and Linea 77, for which they made an official remix of their " Vertigine" .

CESSERATA / Il Taurus, SOCE- Circolo ARCI di CiriŔ-

Ritorno al passato con il meglio ed il peggio della musica pop danzereccia degli ultimi 30 anni, dal trash italiano alla dance internazionale " anni 90" . Da sbucciare....
dj Ahah + Dj Nanny


Che ne dite, passate a trovarmi?

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Sabato 04-01-2014 alle 22:00

Dove: RAT

Indirizzo: Via San Massimo 7 bis Torino

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