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MASTER(Usa, Old-School Death Metal Legends) + DEHUMAN

MASTER(Usa, Old-School Death Metal Legends) + DEHUMAN



In 1985 Master obtained a record deal with Combat Records and recorded an album, which was not released until 2003 by Displeased Records as Unreleased 1985 album. In 1990 the band was signed by the German label Nuclear Blast Records, who also had contracted Speckmann's other band Abomination.

In 1991, the second album was released: On the Seventh Day God Created ... Master, featuring Paul Masvi
dal on lead guitar, followed by the Collection of Souls in 1993 both on Nuclear Blast. Thereafter their record deal ended and Master went on hiatus to find a new record label. Five years layer, Faith Is in Season was released on Pavement Records. Speckmann then focused on several other projects, including the resurrected Abomination and eventually joined the Czech band Krabathor, for which Speckmann relocated to the Czech Republic. In 2002 the next album was released, titled Let's Start a War by System Shock, which also contracted Krabathor. In 2003 Spirit of the West followed, and Spirit of the West in 2004, on the same label. Master then switched labels again, to the German label Twilight Vertrieb and released Four More Years of Terror in 2005. The new album Slaves to Society was released in May 2007. The band will embark on a European tour in May and June, followed by yet another tour with Chicago legend Lividity beginning on September 8th 2007 until the 30th.
Master continues to tour and record albums.
DEHUMAN " Amongst a plethora of bands conforming to traditional over technical death metal and nearing death core, Dehuman stands apart, offering a down to earth, straight forward and authentic array of Death Metal compositions. Despite intricate riffs and melodies, the quartet attach considerable importance to their song writing so as to make any listener experience a chaotic musical world forged by the instruments of these up and coming musicians. Their desire to tour has left them prepared to conquer the world by storm. "

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Mercoledì 10-10-2012 alle 22:00

Dove: United Club

Indirizzo: Vigevano 33/u Torino

Prezzo: 8.00

Link: Sito Web dell'evento