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I Prima Donna sono una band americana di Los Angeles, venuti in Italia per la prima volta nel Novembre 2009 come band di apertura alle date europee dei Green Day (Tour mondiale 2009 - 21 Century Breakdown). Sono stati in Italia a Milano, Bologna e Torino, rispettivamente il 10, 11 e 12 Novembre 2009. I Prima Donna sono sulla scena americana da 3 anni, collezionando pi di 300 show. I loro live sono pieni di colore, energia, bravate, volume, e si ispirano chiaramente ai primi gruppi punk come i X-Ray Spex, Ramones, Sex Pistols e ai " glitter" degli anni '70 come David Bowie e Mott the Hoople. Il debutto dei Prima Donna, " After Hours" , un cd contenente 10 canzoni di stile Rock'n Roll.

Germany `s finest Glam-PunkRock Band from Bochum came together in the summer of 2005. Deeply rooted in the Ruhr-Area, a " melting pot" and former industrial region, 2nd District hit the spot for an explosive mix of so-called street credibility and a glamorous image....and of course ...without losing the sense of their political and social awareness. They released two longplayers on the old-established Punk/Rock`n Roll label PeopleLikeYou Records from Dortmund... beyond that they issued a couple of singles. " The Love has gone" (on Wanda Rec.), their new output (single &video) is a ticking time bomb of a single... ready to explode with the same intensity that once has bands like " Manic Street Preachers" , " Buzzcocks" or " Placebo" brought into the spotlight. With this outputs and touring the big cities and small villages all over in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic ,France, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Belgium etc.-these guys showed that they belong to the spearhead of german underground Punkrock/ IndieRock.

Hollywood Killerz is a glam punk band from Torino, Italy.
Inspired by life, sex and death, they combine a variety of sounds that are refreshingly dissimilar into a brew of hard rock and punk for good measure.
Sleazy, dirty and hateful: imagine Dead Boys jamming with Faster Pussycat, and soon after partying with Mtley Cre. You got the picture.
Hollywood Killerz always hit the stage hard, playing hi-voltage, lo-school, IQ-barbeque live shows.If you want pure loud glam punk, you got it.
Dude, if you like wearing mascara AND turning people's faces into hamburger, here's the aggro-glam riot-rockers you've been dreaming of. Righteous. (Sleazegrinder)
If you love the old school punk vibe with a splash of glitter then Hollywood Killerz will be right up your street. (Glitzine)

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