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LITHA - Un giorno fuori dal tempo



- KIM (Zero One Music)

K.i.M (Joakim Fogelmark) passion for music started already at an early age, spending most his money on Metal and 70's rock records. Got his first guitar when he was 9 and started bang on a drum kit at the age of 11, and throughout his teenage years play in various bands. Got his love for Psy trance when one of his friends took him to his first party back in 93, and got completely blown away by the music and the atmosphere. But it was not in till 1999 now based in London he first got a copy of logic and between 99 to 2002 was producing Psy trance and djin in various parties around the Globe. In 2002 lot's to do with work, time in the studio was harder to come by, and he also started to produce techno and minimal house. Got a few releases throughout the years and in 2009 started to work on a album. But this was all about to change on a christmas eve 2010 in Goa
when his house was robbed and lost everything he every piece of music he ever made (even with multiple backups).
With no computer and no way of making music! The natural result is to get together with other people in the studio and what other music to be made in Goa then Trance. The year after he set up the Ratcave studio in Vagator Goa and over a six month period he wrote a bunch of new tracks and had a chance to work with lots of different producer. And K.i.M was born.
There was a few realises with Earthling in 2011 on the digital download charts but his debut ep was with grasshopper rec in feb 2012 and was extremely welled received. And this summer the hard work is paying of, having one of the main slots at Ozora, doing a live set At Voov and a second tour of Japan. With a very busy release schedule this year and a forth coming album on Zero one music the future looks very promising for K.i.M


- DALA (Nano Records)

DALA originates from the multi-manic Cape Town party scene; where he honed his unanimously appreciated world class techniques for blending the finest selection of psychedelic beats meticulously sort out from all around the globe.

With an eclectic taste of vibing music, his main passion focuses on the groove based daytime funkedelics with bouncy baselines, tantalizing rhythms, funky leads & high-flying atmospheres. His ability to pick up from any vibe & draw people into magical journeys on the fly makes him one performer you definitely need to experience!!!!!

Born & raised into the music & events industry, it was not long before DALA got his hands on the sound control knobs - from fooling around with pitch controlled tape recorders to professionally mixing live bands - he was hooked!
As technology developed he refined his skills on the latest in DJ gear, experimenting to find what works best for his ever evolving style.

Many years on & DALA has built a solid reputation within the international Psy-Familia, sharing his infectious positive vibes at a wide range of gatherings. From private events & clubs to open-air festivals, such as: Universo Parallelo (Brazil), Sunshine Festival (Japan), Monte Mapu (Chile), Elixir (UK), Moonflower (Argentina), Amazonas Andes (Bolivia), Origin (South Africa), Earthdance (Cape Town/Sao Paulo), Rezonance NYE (South Africa), Alien Safari (Cape Town), Vortex (South Africa), Groovy Troopers (Cape Town), Black Pearl (Wales), Cosmogenesis (FreeState), ONE Festival (Mpumalanga), Tswaing Crater (Pretoria), Fu-Cha Gatherings (Joburg), Gwaing (George), Wacky Woods (Jeffreys Bay), Aloe Roots (Mossel Bay), Psynopticz (Cape Town), Boomerang NYE (South Africa), Altered States (Cape Town), Organik & many many more.

With such an infinite passion for sharing awesomely inspiring music with such beautiful peoples, there is no stopping this fiery spirit! Now setting sights across borders, DALA is taking it to the world to explore; experience & share the goodness with others.

- ALBY MAN PROJECT (Psytronic Project Crew)

- NUKLEALL (Blacklite Records)

- KIMIK YIU (Blacklite Records)

- GIORGIO IV (Psyfamily crew/ Remained below)

- DANIFROMPSYFAMILY (Psyfamily crew)


SOUND: KillahSound Gestione Eventi





- Uscire dall'Autostrada
- Esci dalla rotonda e imbocca Corso Giulio Cesare
- Alla rotonda prendi la 3a uscita e imbocca Lungostura Lazio
- Attraversa la rotonda
- Continua su Via Tommaso Agudio Svolta a destra e imbocca Via - - Solaroli di Briona Paolo
- Svolta leggermente a sinistra e imbocca Strada del Cimitero di Sassi
- Svolta leggermente a destra e imbocca Via Federico Nietzsche e vai fino in fondo alla strada sterrata


- Uscire dall'Autostrada
- Procedi in direzione nord su Corso Trieste
- Alla rotonda prendi la 2a uscita e imbocca Corso Unità D'Italia
- Alla rotonda prendi la 1a uscita e imbocca Corso Achille Mario Dogliotti
- Continua su Corso Massimo D'Azeglio
- Svolta a destra e imbocca Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
- Svolta a sinistra per rimanere su Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
- Prendi la 1a a destra per rimanere su Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
- Continua su Ponte Umberto I
- Svolta a sinistra e imbocca Corso Moncalieri
- Continua su Corso Casale
- Svolta a sinistra e imbocca Ponte Sassi
- Prendi la 1a a destra e imbocca Via Tommaso Agudio
- Svolta a sinistra e imbocca Via Solaroli di Briona Paolo
- Svolta leggermente a sinistra e imbocca Strada del Cimitero di Sassi
- Svolta leggermente a destra e imbocca Via Federico Nietzsche e vai fino in fondo alla strada sterrata


Autobus 68 per 21 fermate
Autobus 61 per 20 fermate

una volta scesi dal pullman andare verso il cimitero e seguire la strada sterrata fino in fondo!!

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Sabato 21-06-2014 alle 23:00

Dove: Silverado

Indirizzo: Via Federico Nietzsche, 155/20, Torino, zona ponte Sassi, 10132 TO Torino

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