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David J live in Torino

David J live in Torino




Concerto di presentazione del nuovo album solista " Not Long For This World" del membro fondatore, bassista e cantante di Bauhaus e Love & Rockets, David J Haskins!!!

San Pietro In Vincoli Zona Teatro, Torino, November 8, h. 9:30 pm, 12.00 www.mutamento.it

David J wrote the lyrics of several Bauhaus songs (including their first single, " Bela Lugosi's Dead" ). He sang backing vocals on many songs, and sang lead on " Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?" He began writing music for a solo career while still in the band, and continued after the band's breakup, releasing the dark Etiquette of Violence and Crocodile Tears and the Velvet Cosh, and played bass on two Jazz Butcher albums (A Scandal in Bohemia and Sex and Travel). J was also a part of the very short-lived band The Sinister Ducks, which included saxophonist Alex Green and comics writer Alan Moore. He also released a collaborative single, " Armour" / " Nothing" with artist and poet Rene Halkett, of the original Weimar Bauhaus school of art and design.
In 1985, J, his brother Kevin Haskins, and Daniel Ash formed Love and Rockets: J once again played bass guitar and also shared songwriting and vocal duties with guitarist Daniel Ash. His most notable lead vocal from this period was the minor hit " No New Tale to Tell" . J maintained his solo career during breaks from Love and Rockets, releasing Songs from Another Season and Urban Urbane after his band's success with the single " So Alive" . He also released one of the first #1 hits from the newly created Modern Rock Tracks charts, with " I'll Be Your Chauffeur" . J participated in a Bauhaus reunion in 1998. Love and Rockets broke up in 1999, after seven albums. Following what was billed as a one-off performance of Bauhaus at the 2005 Coachella concert festival, the band reformed for a successful tour of the Americas in late 2005 and Europe in early 2006.
J has also appeared on releases by Porno for Pyros and Jane's Addiction. J joined Joyce Rooks and Don Tyler to make up the instrumental ensemble Three, who released their first album, Evocations in late 2005. He played bass guitar for several tracks on the electro musician Mount Sims' 2005 release Wild Light.


" Not Long For This World is a collection of eulogies, elegies, epitaphs and swan songs for lost loves, the dear departed and future departees including, inevitably, one's self. Let's now dance whilst the candle still burns bright!" - David J

Former Bauhaus and Love & Rockets bassist/vocalist DAVID J needs little introduction. DAVID is now spanning his fifth decade in music with his new album NOT LONG FOR THIS WORLD, due out October 18 via Starry Records. Marking his eighth album as a solo artist and first proper solo album since 2003, the disc continues his long tradition of making music that pushes the boundaries of the musical status quo, as well as his personal musical envelope. Smashing Pumpkins mastermindWilliam Patrick Corgan will be partnering with Kerry Brown and Starry Records, alongside St. Rose Records, to release the album. David's work has been influential and inspiring to both Billy and Kerry's careers, and they are elated to be releasing this album.
" I grew up in awe of David J's band Bauhaus for their unique approach to music," says Corgan, " and like all great artists, David J in his own right has never stopped pushing forward. His ever-curious creativity, collaborative
spirit, and openness to new media are an inspiration, and I'm proud to help release his new album."
DAVID's multi-dimensional career began with seminal goth legends
Bauhaus. Since Bauhaus disbanded, DAVID has released seven albums with Love & Rockets, seven solo albums, and several solo EPs, as well as collaborations and session appearances with the likes of Jane's Addiction,Genesis P. Orridge, Jarboe, author Alan Moore, and actress Fairuza Balk.
NOT LONG FOR THIS WORLD-a rich gothic cabaret-inspired album-is
evidence of a deep maturation, sure to attract old fans and new.

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Quando: Giovedì 08-11-2012 alle 21:30

Dove: San Pietro in Vincoli - Zona Teatro

Indirizzo: Via San Pietro in Vincoli, 28 Turin

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