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Marisa Anderson & BeMyDelay

Marisa Anderson & BeMyDelay




Marisa Anderson & BeMyDelay


Marisa Anderson is a composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist living in Portland Oregon. She works solo and with others. Andersons second solo record, The Golden Hour, was released January 2011 on Mississippi Records. The Golden Hour is inspired by Delta blues, West African guitar, country and western radio from the 60s and 70s, gospel, noise, rhythms, cycles, mortality, and praise. The Golden Hour features 12 improvisations for guitar and lap steel.
Andersons past projects include the Evolutionary Jass Band and the Dolly Ranchers as well as collaborations with musicians including Rachel Blumberg, Tara Jane ONeil, Mirah, Beth Ditto, Sarah Dougher, The Devil Makes Three and many others. In addition to scoring and music directing live shows such as the Winter Solstice Puppet Show (1999-2011), the One Railroad Circus (1998,1999) and Circo De Manos (1997) Andersons music has been featured on many soundtracks including Smokin Fish, For the Love of Dolly, Girls Rock, and Gift To Winter. In 2010 Anderson and Tara Jane ONeil created a percussion/guitar piece which was performed for PICAs Time Based Arts festival. Andersons debut solo recording Holiday Motel was a 2006 Outmusic nominee for Best Female Debut Record.
http://marisaandersonmusic.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_7PDeZh1tg

BeMyDelay a.k.a. Marcella Riccardi is a singer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist living in Bologna, Italy. Riccardi's first solo record, " ToComeOutToTheOtherSide" , was released April 2011 on Boring Machines Records. It is inspired by prewar blues, texas psychedelics and sacred music. " ToComeOutToTheOtherSide" features 8 songs for voice, electric and acoustic guitars, Ud, organ, percussions and bells. Riccardi's past projects include Italian cult band Massimo Volume, post-folk band Franklin Delano and psych-pop band Blake/e/e/e as well as collaborations with musicians including Rhys Chatham's G3, Califone, Starfuckers, Stefano Pilia, Father Murphy, The Poison Arrows and many others. From 2004 until now she played three coast-to-coast tour in US, many european tours and more than one hundred gigs in Italy with her bands or alone. Marcella is now working on the 2nd BeMyDelay's album in collaborations with Maurizio Abate (guitars, bass, lapsteel and harmonica). It will be released on vinyl at the beginning of 2013. Her music has been described as " Vocal-based drones that glow and grow beneath the surface of haunted caravan songs" (Foxy Digitalis) or " Tranced out Ur-Velvets drones and ecstatic Shirelles-in-space vocals that evoke feelings of the past decades of great radio songs as though experienced from within your mamas belly" (Julian Cope- Address Drudion-may 2011) music: http://soundcloud.com/bemydelay http://bemydelay.tumblr.com/

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Mercoledì 14-11-2012 alle 22:00

Dove: K-Hole

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