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CHROME live @ Magazzino sul Po Torino

CHROME live @ Magazzino sul Po Torino



O.F.F. Studio - Torino & Magazzino sul Po

Giovedě 22 Maggio, h. 22:00, € 10 con tessera ARCI
CHROME live @ Magazzino sul Po, Torino

by Stefano TotenTanz Rassu, Massimo Max'el, Alessio Dharma

La leggendaria e seminale band avant-punk-psichedelica di Helios Creed e Damon Edge (RIP 1995),presenta a Torino il nuovo album " Feel It Like A Scientist"


- Helios Creed: guitar, vocals
- Tommy Grenas: keyboards
- Aleph Omega: drums
- Keith Thomson: guitar
- Monet Clark: vocals, visuals
- Jay Tausig: bass.

Since its inception in 1976, Chrome has been breaking sonic barriers and pioneering in multiple sub-genres including psychedelic punk, art rock, avant punk, industrial, electronic rock, and space rock, to name a few.
Chrome is also the bridge between rocks cutting edge such as the psychedelic noise of the late 60s, the art-glam of Eno, Bowie, Hammil, the postmodern cool
of Neu! Kraftwerk etc and the attitude and ethos of punk and its spawn.
Helios Creed the iconic frontman and guitarist is back with a vengeance and a
new powerful Chrome line-up whose members have been in incarnations of Damned, Stranglers, Sex Pistols, Hawkwind, James White & the Blacks,
Farflung, and others across the board to the Beatles, and into the world of performance /media art.
Chrome fans include NIN, Ministry, Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, MGMT and many more.
Chrome has just released " Half Machine from the Sun, the Lost Tracks from 79-'80" , an album of never before released tracks from the 1979 " Half Machine
Lip Moves" to the 1980 " Red Exposure" sessions.
2014 also sees the release of the brand new Chrome album " Feel It Like A Scientist" , whose single " Prophecy" has been received with the same fanfare.
This is the 38th release for Helios Creed whose prolific
output as a solo artist and with Chrome has influenced all of the major of post modern rock movements, from cold wave, to new wave, industrial, noise rock to grunge.
Innovative, relevant, and groundbreaking, Chrome is deserved of their legendary underground status.
Still wildly untamed, still pushing the limits, still
drenched in acid and still in your face

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Giovedì 22-05-2014 alle 22:00

Dove: Magazzino sul Po

Indirizzo: Murazzi del Po (lato sinistro) Torino

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