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TDC PALAZZI presents LOW JACK (FR) - L.I.E.S. Records / In Paradisum @ BUNKER

TDC PALAZZI presents LOW JACK (FR) - L.I.E.S. Records / In Paradisum @ BUNKER




LOW JACK ( FR ) - In Paradisum / L.I.E.S

2L8 ( ITA )



With his predatory rhythms and hallucinogenic synths, Parisian producer LOW JACK, has developed a one-of-a-kind sound, a kind of " house music from hell" , as some already like to call it. Confronting industrial atmosphere with the sexual drive of house is another way to say it, as proves his recent remix for Ricardo Tobar on Desire Records.

The ambivalence between shaking music for the dancefloors, and pieces focused more on experimentation and emotion, will probably continue to mark Low Jack progression.

PALAZZI is a Turin-based club night founded by TDC Team in 2014 that will be soundtracked by TDC residents, friends and international guests.
It will take place at Bunker, via Paganini, Turin.

TDC Team

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 16-05-2014 alle 22:30

Dove: Bunker

Indirizzo: via Paganini 0/200 Torino

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento