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Friday 23 Nov 2RINDEEP presents Undeground Party w/ Anthony Louis - Alex Bamsy - Alain Diamond @ La Dolce Vita!! Free Entry

Friday 23 Nov 2RINDEEP presents Undeground Party w/ Anthony Louis - Alex Bamsy - Alain Diamond @ La Dolce Vita!! Free Entry



Venerdi 23 novembre 2RINDEEP & La Dolce Vita Club presenta


Line Up


ALEX AKA BAMSY 5h special djset


Anthony was born in Turin 14 July 1978 by an Italian mother and African Father. His love for music just sprout among the shelves of the business his father, one of the most popular DJ services in Italy, where he has been working committed. Daily contact with mixers, turntables, headphones, vinyls and constantly feeds his natural inclination to deejayng and takes over the nineties, to undertake his artistic career. As often happens in these circumstances, it all begins with performances in small clubs in the urban circuit, a must for those who approach this fascinating profession. Direct experience with clubbers is of fundamental importance for the understanding of real-world philosophy of the night. Anthony, supported by its natural instinct, is quickly becoming the darling of this year feeling that manages to weave with the audience in one of his winning formula. If we add to this aspect of the energy expressed in all his set that's it. An explosive cocktail of Global Funk and Electro House quickly seized the hands, legs and brains. Can not stand still! In 2001, driven by a desire to incorporate into a product all the energy of his sets, is close to the discography. In 2002 he founded, in fact, two " labels" , and the Moodyrec Milk, an expression of his personal concept art / music. Since then, his " journey" has not stopped bringing it more in front of national and international audiences and turning it into a popular remixer and producer. In love with the funk and African American culture (both serious and facetious among us about his heroes Karl Wheather the Apollo Creed of the film Rocky II) is a firm believer in the motto " mens sana in corpore sano" , which is the only way possible to survive the stresses of life at night. Anthony says: " There are no real musical genres, but a set of sounds which, when combined, they create the right atmosphere at the right time, right place" . This is not " philosophy" but what really happens during his sets.

Alexandru Lucian aka Bamsy, born on 07.07.1985, has started his career at an early age, being driven by the desire to assert and to prove his skills as a young DJ. Because he is a character honest, ambitious and dedicated to his vocation ... MUSIC ... has managed to achieve he's own dream by impressing and, at the same time, captivating those who had the privilege of knowing he's achievements.
The course to this point has not been by far an easy one, but because of his courage and ambition to succeed has ascended slowly but surely.
Being gone for 8 years in Italy (Turin), he managed to impose himself, through he's talent and proved dedication as well as the passion with which he plays, in front of the audience in clubs such as -2 Living Club, Centralino Club, Jam Club, Groove Club, Acua Club, La Gare Club, famous Underground Local and the best-known Afterhours from Turin - Doctor Sax, Cocorico Riccione ,Pier Club , Palace Club where, at present, is Resident (Turin) Italy, and beyond. He's dedicating most of the time to the music and for the continuous effort to the improvement and development of its activities.
We, all those who listening him with such enthusiasm, being fascinated by his music and dedication, were convinced that he's a perfect DJ with a bright future ahead. Another proof of his abilities is the invitations, which grow continuously, to perform in clubs from Turin, as well as the public response after each event

Alain Diamond starts disk scratching in a early age sticking to his dad, Dj Paul Diamond, always around Italy. Paul Diamond, famous and well known, became the first dj to introduce the figure of dj/showman in the best national and foreign clubs getting on the list of the major dj's on the scene of the 80s. Alain Diamond, focused on making the music his life, gets a degree from the Conservatory of Turin as piano teacher, title that will make possible for him the collaboration as arranger with different music studios. This work will lead to the creation of a home studio where the dj works on his own projects and productions. Alain is a dj that can't get enough of music, always lookin around for new styles to improve his music product.He started with an electro-house vibe playing in many different national clubs and afterwards, his passion and attraction for black music (hip hop and rnb) leads him to an important meeting with a big crew of soul and funky voices. Alain Diamond created the LOUIS & DIAMOND project with his big friend Anthony Louis.This duo is supported and charted by the world famous international dj's as Bob Sinclar, Dennis Ferrer, Dr. Kucho, Laidback Luke and Avicii.

La musica nell'ultimo decennio ha subito un grande cambiamento diventando una fusione di suoni, strumenti, tecnologie, sentimenti e altre varie cose, tutte provenendo da diverse culture e geni musicali. Ogni venerdi sera,La Dolce Vita Exclusive Club ti invita a partecipare a Underground, una serata che inebrieranno i vostri cuori, il piacere raggiunga i vostri corpi, e le sensazioni vibranti si insinuino nel vostro interno piu profondo creando cosi un'esperienza unica. Vieni a far parte di questo puzzle dove i pezzi pił importanti siete voi.

(vibrates your life) !

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Drink 5 euro
Info & Prenotazioni Tavoli 389 5549338

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