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Venerdì 19 settembre

Cafe'Liber Arci Club



Rivoluzione industriale.Odio di classe. Dittatura del rumore.



Thrash metal

was born in february 29th 1988.. After some gigs in the area, the band record his first demo tape Kingdom of madness who sold 1200 copies all over europe and world, a real breakthrough for an italian metal band. This deserved them the partecipation to the firts Underground thrashfest in Ludwigsburg, supporting Leprocy, Atrocity and Pestilence. The band had a lot of good reviews, especially from eurpoean magazines and some air resonance in US radios as well. In 1989 they record a demo for the labels produced by Geordie Walker of Killing Joke, then their first single Watching the bleeding mouth with wich they started touring Europe and UK with Killing Joke and Loud. After a month ‘cross the old continent they got back to Italy and started the first Italian metal tour called Italian assault, with Broken Glazz and Headcrasher. In 1992 their first CD, Signal de revolta, Behind the desk Steve Albini, the guru of noise-industrial, introduced to the band by Killing Joke. The album is one of the most controversial and avveniristic release of the decade, metal music twenty years far in the future, too much too soon, visionary and unspeakable. New gigs in Europe, entusiastic reviews but lack of mass reconnaissance, then the first line-up problems. 1995 is the year of The turning point, that should have still Albini’s production, but time does not match with different tasks and the release got under the supervision of Carlo Rossi, soon going to become the most renowned alternative rock producer in Italy: The CD is a descent to hell, heavy thrash amidst the fog of eighteenth century anglo-saxon literature and th eshadow of Sandy Pearlman and his historical delirium to move the cloche. The cover of Blue Oyster Cults’ Flaming thelepaths is the high watermark of the release. After this experience the band ask to B.O.C. drummer, Albert Bouchard, to produce the band, but nothing happens, despite the interest of the musician. In 1997 the band should be touring Europe again, after been giggin’ with thrash lords as Kreator and Voivod, but headlining band Six Feet Under refuse to have the band as supporter, for reasons still to understand. The band noick up the pieces of what’s left and went to Germany to record a promo at Spacelab Studios of Everon’s progrock german band Oliver Phillips. This went to be the pre-production of their third CD, Collapse , the return to the origins and the primal fire who made them one of the most peculiar metal bands in the scene. Collapse seemed to gave the band back its glory and so they returned to think big, asking to Devin Townsend to produce what is going to be their fourth release, War against the almighty. After being in touch with canadian metal guru, after his ineterest, verbalized after a gig of Strapping Young Lad, by Devin the same, the band resolved to direct his new efforts towards Germany again, where Oliver Phillips awaits them... The new album is one step beyond braindamages’ limits especially in terms of lyrics, always visionary but very critic, anti-dogmatic and fistrising against God and religion, NOT satanistic, just trying to develop a neohumanistic view of life. The new line-up brings new blood and ideas, mantaining the same old professional attitude that gave respect to the band all over Europe, even from bands most renowned as Voivod and Killing Joke. The production is well accepted by the critics and this lead to the nowadays and the second part of “War against the almighty” : The Impostor. Back to the roots and forward to extreme aggression, the cd has been produced again by Carlo Ortolano, previous producer of Collapse. The band has pushed itself to the limit creating what is possibly the best performance ever, cd and tour are on their way from next October, bringing new life to a resurrecting thrash scene.



Ritual Psychedelic Sludge

Nibiru è un potente trio formato in Italia da Ardath, RI, e Siatris, con un enorme abuso di watt, ritmi tribali e canti enochiani, Nibiru ridefinisce il concetto che sta alla base dello " psychedelic sludge" . dall'album di debutto " Caosgon" , pubblicato nel febbraio 2013 e fino all'esplosivo " Netrayoni" previsto nel febbraio 2014, la parola d'ordine è: improvvisazione ritualizzata. Ciò che rende Nibiru un progetto unico rispetto alla massa è che ogni singolo pezzo nasce da un'improvvisazione. Nessun preconcetto, istinto primordiale puro, batteria frenetica e linee slabbrate di basso creano trame su cui chitarre strazianti danno un nuovo significato alla parola " psichedelico" , il tutto arricchito da antichi vocalizzi nati per aprire la mente e vedere oltre.

Ingresso 3 euro
riservato ai soci ARCI

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 19-09-2014 alle 22:00

Dove: Café Liber Arci Club

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