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TDC Palazzi Pres. // HELENA HAUFF ( GER ) - PAN / Werkdiscs / Panzerkreuz //

TDC Palazzi Pres. // HELENA HAUFF ( GER ) -  PAN / Werkdiscs / Panzerkreuz //



3rd appointment with Palazzi at Bunker,
TDC crew will proudly host a cold-blooded dream girl from Germany, she will be surrounded by our 'hi-skilled' homies Matteo Viani and G6PD with their finest quality techno.

Helena Hauff is a DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany, where she runs a club night called Birds and Other Instruments at the Golden Pudel Club.Helena’s sound as a DJ can’t be nailed down as she cuts between genres with ease. Dirty Acid, Chicago, Electro and Wave mixed in an obsessive way, as you can hear on Blackest Ever Black’s sub label Krokodilo Tapes, where she released a limited edition mix tape, ‘Obscure Object’.
As a producer this obsessive nature comes across in the intensity of her music. This can be seen in her releases that have been on Actress’s Werkdiscs imprint, and Bunker offshoot, Panzerkreuz. In addition, she is half of ‘Black Sites’ along with F#X, who have also seen a release on Panzerkreuz as well as PAN.

At the controls:

HELENA HAUFF ( GER ) - PAN - Werkdiscs - Panzerkreuz


G6PD ( TDC )

Come early and enjoy the whole party.

Doors open at: 23.00

Entry fee: 5 euro / 7 after 1.30am

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 12-09-2014 alle 23:00

Dove: Bunker

Indirizzo: via Paganini 0/200 Torino

Prezzo: 5.00 €

Link: Sito Web dell'evento