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Workshop di Logic Pro X

Workshop di Logic Pro X



Durata: 14 ore
2 lezioni Sabato e Domenica 8 & 9 Novembre (10:00 - 13:00 e 14:00 - 18:00)
Costo: 220 euro
Max Posti: 10

Termine per iscrizione: 5 Novembre
PRESCRIZIONE e altre info: Inviare mail a:
noise@fine-production.it con oggetto:
" Logic Pro X Course"

A chi รจ rivolto:
This course is ideal for everyone who wants to deepen his knowledge both in theory and practice in Logic Pro X and reach a higher level in producing music. Is targeted both for beginners and professionals who want to explore Logic pro's capabilities and features as much as possible even if they are musicians, audio engineers, djs, producers or even web designers or video makers. Logic Pro X is one of the most famous software for producing music and offers a package of unlimited possibilities with sounds, synthesisers and professional tools which make it at this moment the most complete offer for music producers and Mac OSX users. At the end of the course the participants will have gained all the necessary knowledge and skills to produce music using advanced engineering skills. The course will cover all stages of a music production, from recording, to editing, mixing and mastering, and analyse in depth the tools digital technology offers.

Requirements: English language

Programma analitico del corso:

Teoria di: Sound Theory, Digital Audio, MIDI, DAWs

Overview of Logic pro X
Templates creation
Project Set Up
Midi, Audio, Apple Loop production
Basic shortcuts

Functional Aspects
Navigation shortcuts
Key commands configurations
Transport Bar
Session organisation
Windows arrangement

Audio Recording
Setting up recording preferences
Take folders - Quick swipe comping
Cycle Mode
Import Export Audio
Stem Exports
Apple loops creation
Capture last take

Zoom Controls & Shortcuts
Edit Tools
Grid & Snap Modes
Drag Modes
Editing Groups
Strip Silence
Audio Editor

Flex Mode
Speed & Tempohone
Tempo changes with Flex Time
Flex Pitch - Vocal Tuning

Automation Parameters
Automation modes
Controllers Assignments
Midi Automation (Midi Draw & Continuous controllers)
Midi Input Filter

Audio & Midi Setup
Midi Recording
Instruments & Channel Strips
Ultrabeat pattern creation
Piano Roll Editor
Midi Quantization
Scale Quantization
Step Input Recording

Tempo Operations
Tap Tempo
Tempo Changes
Detect Tempo, Follow Tempo, Time stretching
Groove Track
Beat Detection

Drum Track
Track Stacks
Drum Replacement
External Midi Tracks
Smart Controls

Mixing & Mastering
FX units and dynamic processors
Audio Subgrouping

Sampling with EXS24
Sample Management
Sampling with full chromatic scale
Sampling Drums
Zone Grouping
Velocity Layers
Auto Chopping

Plug ins & Instruments
Midi Fx Plugins
Periodo del corso: dal 08-11-2014 al 09-11-2014
Nei seguenti giorni: Sab - Dom

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Categoria: Corsi

Quando: Sabato 08-11-2014 alle 10:00

Dove: Fine production

Indirizzo: Via Eusebio Bava, 17 Torino

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