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Hallowheen night party @ Bar Posta Chivasso (TO) Special Guest Dj's NEWSOUNDORDER

Hallowheen night party @ Bar Posta Chivasso (TO) Special Guest Dj's NEWSOUNDORDER



Hallowheen Night Party @ Bar Posta Chivasso

Apericena + Serata + Drink 8€
Gradita Prenotazione

Start 19:00

Special Dj's Set by NEWSOUNDORDER

Newsoundorder was founded in 2012 by the union of three DJs : Costy Dj , Antonio Diurno and Andy Pisano. The group rapresents a project of continuous musical evolution, complex sounds, minimal tech with deep music shades.The strength and grit in the live set are the result of their passion, courage to dare, to experience, with the only objective: to be different. Newsoundorder openly challenge the concept of normality and the prejudice that only in a metropolitan context it is possible to create an environment purely clubbing . Innovation and change are the definitions of novelty, characteristic of what is presented for the first time or as different from what in a certain field has said or done, seen or heard before.The group is supported initially by important external staff involved in organizing events and public relations. The obvious differences over the musical genre and organizational methods push the Turin group to undertake the independent road . In the Month of April of 2013 was born the brand: ” Subliminalz ” , whose name is used only for the great disconight officers of the group. Newsoundorder also enter part of the Radioenergy group , specifically in the night program of the weekend. The Master in Rhythm program is one of the best italian programs clubbing in Fm , where they regularly play Luca Musto , Marco Mei , and DJs such as: Luigi Rocca , Jonh Acquaviva , Paolo Mojo , josè Nocente, Joseph Mingus , Simon Doty , Manuel de La Mare and many others.The creativity has no end , and has the start in experimental music , out of compliance, the debut as producers, the first traces of JJ Records label , followed by another EP with Bdivision and Aki Record.

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Categoria: Food & Drink

Quando: Venerdì 31-10-2014 alle 19:00

Dove: Bar Posta Chivasso

Indirizzo: Piazza della Repubblica 3 Chivasso

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento